How do I get my local store to show up on Google?

Are you a local business based in RaleighCaryWake Forest, or Wilmington?

How do I get my local business to show up on Google?

Getting my business to come up on Google

The world is shifting to
an online, digital world.

Is a physical store all it takes to grow at a time when consumer behaviors are drifting toward online trends?

At this point, it is vital for a local business to have a strong online presence so that consumers can find what they are looking for, which hopefully, is you.

The Lighting Gallery

is your business profile optimized for success?

Having an optimized Google Business Profile is vital to ensure that your local store is showing up to new customers.

Our team knows how to set up and tailor business profiles so that they align with your local business' goals.

Think of this package as getting your business listed on the top spot of the modern-day Yellow Pages.

Full Service Digital Marketing Team

Our digital marketing team is local, just like you.

 We’re here to:

Drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store

Set up and optimize your Business Profile

Increase local awareness of your business on Google

Reach your local audience in your community

Claim your business listing on Google

Online Store Owners

Let your customers find you

Google is the most utilized search engine on the internet right now. We want to boost your online business listing so your potential customers find you right away.

Your future customers are looking for you on Google… Are you showing up?

How we help you show up on Google

  • Get your Google My Business listing updated and running
  • Evaluate your current presence on Google and other search engines
  • List your brick and mortar online or update your online business’ Google listing
  • Create Google Ads for your local store’s website
  • Use keyword research to see what your customers are searching for
  • Full audit on your current SEO practices and optimization