Quickly set up a way for Customers to Buy Online and Pickup either Curbside or Instore

Raleigh, a bustling city full of hard-workers and go-getters. More and more, the people of Raleigh are using automated services to purchase goods and save precious time. With the continued popularity of the internet, a variety of goods and services must be readily available at the click of a button. This is not to say traditional establishments have run their course, but they instead are at an opportune time to escalate business sales through the use of Shopify. Shopify allows you to offer an entirely new and progressive experience for your customers. This technology not only makes processing transactions and managing inventory a breeze, but it allows your customers to engage with your business without any disruption to their fast-paced life. Placing online orders and quickly picking them up curbside or inside the store is the preferred method of most Raleigh goers. Shopify allows your business to meet the modern demand of internet accessibility, and EcomIntegrate allows you a hassle-free transition.

The Shopify kit is complete with a Pad Stand (Use with iPad Air ½, iPad Pro 9.7” or iPad Mini), Cash Drawer (Can open automatically or by key for multiple currencies), Receipt Printer (Connectable to Bluetooth), and Card Reader (Tap, Chip and Swipe). Your customers can easily access a digital showroom of products using your business’ Shopify website. After verifying that each desired item is in stock, you will notify the customer that the order is ready for curbside pick-up. After the customer has received the order you will mark the order as picked up, no further action is needed. In addition to the ease of online orders, Shopify’s system also allows you to issue refunds to the original payment method or as a store credit, view order history, collect customer data at checkout, organize your products, and create customer loyalty programs. Shopify has everything your business needs to boost revenue and provide a seamless online shopping experience.

Experts from eComIntegrate provide integration services and training on the use of the Shopify POS system, how to set up taxes and payment systems, and how to integrate your products. EComIntegrate also offers local product photography, local SEO and local digital advertising. Take your business to the next level with the technology offered by Shopify and the expertise of EcomIntegrate.

With the recent pandemic, COVID-19, it is ever-more vital to the public that goods and services be accessible through online ordering services and the option for curbside pick-up. Sales do not need to diminish in light of the pandemic but instead maintained through Shopify’s service in online ordering and curbside pick-up. The public is in dire need of all local businesses to come together and provide essential products. These products serve no use behind locked doors, but can be ordered safely online and picked up soon after with Shopify. If all local businesses can provide online ordering and curbside pick-up options, the public would not need to turn to large corporations. Buying local will rejuvenate the cash flow between the people of Raleigh and their beloved businesses. A pandemic does not mean the end of your local business. A pandemic calls for resilience and a change of pattern. The resilience of your business and imposed change to online ordering will significantly benefit a community that is currently struggling to have access to all necessary items.

How it works

Curbside pickup allows customers nearby to buy something online and drive by your storefront or your “curb” to pick it up—without ever having to leave their car. This “drive-through” option is often more convenient and it can reduce shipping costs and minimize person-to-person interactions. Here are the steps:

  1. Your customer will order and pay you online through your new online Shopify store
  2. You’ll get the order emailed to you, so you can prepare it safely
  3. You’ll then tell the customer when it’s ready for pickup
  4. Your customer will drive to your store and pop their trunk
  5. You’ll safely place their order in their trunk
  6. That’s it, you're done!

If there's any way we can help, we would love to work with you on your marketing needs. We help companies sell products online through Shopify POS and local digital marketing, and we can help you. Pick a time on my calendar here calendly.com/keithcathcart and we'll get you started today.

Here's some additional resources from Shopify:

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