eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce SEO Services


      Onsite optimization

      Onsite optimization includes figuring out which keywords you should try to rank for, and then optimizing your site to use those keywords appropriately in page titles, descriptions, and body content. It also includes making sure there are links within your site that point at the important pages.

      When we do keyword research, we look for keywords that meet 3 important criteria:

      1. Search volume — This one’s pretty obvious: We want keywords that get lots of searches every month.
      2. Competition — We’re looking for keywords that will be easier to rank for. If there are lots of well-established sites that already rank for a certain keyword, then we probably want to find a different one to target or we’ll be wasting our efforts.
      3. Intent to purchase — Some keywords are used by people searching for free information or products that you don’t have. We only want to focus on keywords that are highly relevant to people who are in your target audience and who are already in shopping mode.

      We help our clients research and figure out a list of keywords that meet these criteria, then help them optimize their sites for the chosen target keywords.

      In addition to editing your existing page titles, descriptions, and contents, we provide monthly blog articles written for you that are optimized with your target keywords.

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