Top 5 Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps for Winning Back Your Sales

For any Shopify store, abandoned shopping carts are a reason for concern. Customers look at the items and add them to their shopping carts but never complete their purchases. This is painful, right!

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According to the statistics, the Average Cart Abandonment Rate Across All Industries is 69.57 Percent

Fortunately, abandoned cart applications can assist you in recovering lost revenue by bringing customers back to complete their transactions. Some applications can even complete the re-engagement process for you. So, once you've set up the flow, all you have to do now is sit back and watch the sales increase.

There are several Shopify cart recovery apps on the market. We understand how tough it may be to pick the correct one, so here is a list of the best-abandoned cart apps to help you recoup your purchases.


Features You Must Look For In A Cart Abandonment App

Choosing just one app from so many possibilities might be difficult. This cart abandonment offers some severe problems for Shopify E-commerce enterprises. Fortunately, Shopify abandoned cart applications may help your website in various ways. In practice, they operate by boosting the cart once again, which is a straightforward yet effective method. 

However, depending on the app, there are many ways to accomplish this. Some may send emails, social media channels, advertisements on the side of other websites, or push alerts, for example.

Shopify Abandoned Cart

The best way to pick up a Shopify abandoned cart app is to consider your website's requirements. If customers need to check in to your business to add items to their cart, one email should be sufficient. If a large number of visitors refuse to provide you with their email addresses, you may need to employ push notifications.

So, make sure you understand what you really need from Shopify's abandoned cart apps before adding one to your store. Now, let's look at the top apps that we recommend! Here are some pointers on how to choose the finest abandoned cart app:

1. Confirm which channels you'd like to employ to retrieve your cart 

Diverse applications provide various ways for reaching customers. Some providers include email, SMS, and push alerts, while others enhance the visibility of your Shopify store tab or add numerous popup bars. Choose the best choice for your situation.

2. Look into the Applications and Read Reviews 

You've come to the correct spot since we've already done the research for you and researched the finest Shopify abandoned cart applications. If you're conducting your own research, make sure to visit a variety of review sites to obtain a comprehensive picture of the finest applications.

3. Experiment with Several Applications 

All of the applications on this list come with a free trial period. If you want to experience how different applications function for yourself, try out the free trials to see if they offer all of the features you need.

Top Performing Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

1. Firepush

Firepush is one of the best apps for abandoned cart recovery on Shopify. To efficiently approach your consumers and retrieve abandoned carts, Firepush includes three key communication channels. Email, SMS, and push notification campaigns are all automated using this software. Your communications will have the highest chance of reaching potential clients because the service includes three communication channels. Furthermore, Firepush provides a tried-and-tested method for regaining sales: sending a series of three automated messages. Because the software provides a free trial, you can try it yourself.

2. Abandoned Cart Recovery-AVADA Commerce

AVADA Abandoned Cart Recovery is the most exceptional and cost-effective solution among Shopify abandoned cart applications for any business looking to convert consumers and develop long-term connections. The app is specifically designed to improve abandoned cart campaigns by following up with your visitors and reminding them to complete their purchases as soon as possible.

AVADA Abandoned Cart Recovery is straightforward, even for non-technical people, because of its user-friendly and intuitive design. For those with little or no design skills, the app includes email templates that are ready to be used straight away. The app provides a free plan as well as a 14-day free trial for you to try out, so don't wait and try it out now! 

3. Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery  

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery aids in the recovery of sales through the use of email, messages, and push alerts. The Rivo app is simple to set up and can be used straight away. The service engages customers through three separate channels: emails, text messages, and browser notifications, and helps them recover abandoned shopping carts. 

Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

The software customizes cart recovery messages to match your brand's tone and design. There is a free version of the app that includes automatic cart recovery. So go & try right now to bring back your customers. 

4. Web Push Notification - PushOwl

PushOwl's Web Push Notification is meant to assist you with your push marketing efforts, which include not just recovering abandoned carts but also getting customers back to your business on a regular basis.

Nonetheless, if you want to enhance conversion rates, its abandoned cart features can help. It works by informing potential buyers that their shopping cart has been abandoned via their web browser. It happens over the course of three automatic push messages.

With the exception of abandoned cart reminders, there are a variety of alerts you may send to consumers. Shipping reminders, back in stock, price decreases, and flash deals are some of the various sorts of notifications. As a result, your customers may be kept up to date on all prospective news with a simple click of a button.

5. Pop-Ups & Bars-Wisepops

Wisepops' Pop-Ups & Bars offer eye-catching pop ups and bars to engage your clients before they leave. The app claims to provide pop ups that will not interfere with your SEO efforts. Create non-intrusive pop ups to engage your consumers and remind them about their shopping carts quickly and easily. Wisepops' Pop-Ups & Bars has over 30 targeting choices, so the popups may appear at the most opportune moment for you to optimize your sales. The popups may be personalized to match your brand, and the drag-and-drop builder can be used to construct gorgeous bars. Now you can try Wisepops' Pop-Ups & Bars for free. A 14-day free trial is available for the app.

6. Abandoned Cart Messenger-Booster Apps

Abandoned Cart Messenger by Booster Apps leverages Facebook to send abandoned cart messages instead of emails. There are multiple benefits to this.

To begin with, many customers are increasingly using their social network credentials to check into stores. It's also non-invasive. You'll also see that Facebook has substantially greater open rates than other channels. 

As a result, you should anticipate recovering more purchases using Facebook Messenger than via email. This tool not only allows you to send abandoned cart notifications to consumers but also displays data. It can tell you how many subscribers you have, how many abandoned carts you've retrieved, and what your conversion rate is.


Solve Your Abandoned Cart Struggles

Abandoned shopping carts are a widespread problem among Shopify's eCommerce companies. It can be a frustrating experience when you are planning to scale up. Fortunately, using the right tools and apps can help you find new ways of converting your sales by minimizing customer cart abandonment. So, understand your requirements & find the best-abandoned cart applications to streamline your business.

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