eComIntegrate Now Partnering With The “Partner For Good” Affiliate Commission Donation Program

Our good friends over at Netalico came up with a great idea. For a long time, they had been conflicted about the balance between linking their clients that have specific needs with vendors that can help them out and therefore, taking a commission from it. To them, it just didn’t seem right to negotiate and recommend vendor partnership commissions. After all, they knew they would recommend vendors to their clients not based upon commission amount, but upon what partnership they truly believe would work best for their clients.

In order to avoid this conflict of interest, Netalico found themselves turning down almost every partnership. Instead, they would merely tell the merchants to work directly with the vendors and would end up doing the technical implementation without having partnership agreements. However, Netalico still understood why there was value in these agreements with the vendors. They allow a better channel of feedback and support and truly benefit each and every client. Check out Netalico's blog for me details.

This is where the good idea comes in. In the past, Netalico had begun partnering with the international nonprofit Kiva to give gift cards as holiday gifts to their clients. Now, instead of the usual wasted gift baskets, clients could choose which cause they wished to support. That gave Netalico the idea for their own program, which they call “Partner For Good”. Now, they use 100% of the proceeds from any enterprise partnership and donate it towards different non-profits each month. These can range from international aid to environmental programs to homeless shelters and anything in between.

This is now where eComIntegrate comes in. We have a close relationship to the team at Netalico and absolutely jumped at the idea to join the “Partner For Good” program because we completely agree with the values that it stands for and we, too, aren’t driven by the commission amounts when it comes to setting up agreements with vendors and clients. Starting immediately, we will also be donating 100% of our commissions to various non-profits each month. We look forward to being able to help our community and also fostering new, meaningful relationships with our clients.