eComIntegrate is becoming IntelligentECOM


Dear clients,

When eComIntegrate started in 2014, we quickly needed a name.

At the time, we were mostly setting up eCommerce solutions for clients and helping them work those solutions into their overall brand. Basically..."integrating" those solutions! Thus eComintegrate was born.

As our company has grown, the scope of our services has greatly expanded. The past few years have required every business to adapt and innovate, and we are no exception. We've moved from merely integrating, to optimizing entire ecommerce ecosystems. We do everything from helping build ecommerce sites from the ground up, to expanding existing brands that need help achieving their goals. We improve marketing systems. We help with content generation. And we make it all look great.

With the expansion of our focus, we felt a rebrand and change of name better communicates what we offer and who we are. So, effective immediately, eComIntegrate is now intelligentECOM. The phrase "Intelligent e-commerce" emphasizes our use of advanced technology and data analysis to make informed decisions and optimize the online shopping experience for both brands and customers. This new brand identity better positions our company in this space, communicating to clients how we can streamline their operations, improve the customer experience, and increase sales, marketing and revenue.

IntelligentECOM remains dedicated to providing the same excellent services as we have since 2014, but with a clearer message of how we can be the link between e-commerce technologies and successful businesses. We look forward to this new period of growth and optimizing your company’s potential. 

To our current clients: thanks for your continued business, you can expect the same level of hands-on service we've always strived to provide.

To our future clients: let's talk about how we can help you optimize, expand, and innovate!

Welcome to IntelligentECOM

Keith Cathcart
Owner/ Digital Strategist