Tracking Google’s Policy Change 2021: Exploring Possibilities in AI-Driven eCommerce

Google is clear about its new journey towards enhancing consumer experience! From enhanced privacy to innovations in Artificial Intelligence, the tech giant's brand new policies resonate with trust and confidence. Addressing the challenges eCommerce merchants face, Google unveiled that the next-generation AI policies utilize the Artificial Neuron Network to solve problems more efficiently and rapidly.

Artificial Neuron Network or ANN is a biologically inspired AI innovation modeled on the human brain. With an aim to foster social good and consumer satisfaction, the new AI features promise eCommerce merchants and digital enthusiasts a platform to provide customers with a personalized experience. 

With the onset of the pandemic, there is a rise in online shopping trends. This has necessitated a futuristic program that focuses more on interactive and personalized services. Keeping on the forefront the value of communication and real-time assistance, Google has explored innovation in expanding communication technology through artificial intelligence.  

A Glance on Advancements in Google Cloud AI

Google's AI 

For Google-based platforms, AI is not a new norm. In a recent I/O meeting, Google announced new AI innovations that focus on deep learning and responsible deployment of customer experience. The smart tools also look forward to developing a digital ecosystem that breaks down the complexity of machine language and technicalities. Here are some of the top-notch AI models you must know to prepare your business for the next-level transformation: 

1. Language Model for AI Application

Sensibility, specificity, interestingness, and factuality are things consumers look forward to in digital interactions. Your customers can search for anything. Sometimes they forget the exact name of the product, or there might be regional vocals for certain products. Diversity in languages, regional usages, and dialects was quite perplexing for the search engines to figure out what exactly the users want. 

For responding with sensibility in conversation, it was necessary to develop a natural language processor that conceptualizes user demands by understanding the relationship between words in a sentence. Finally, to facilitate open-ended conversation on the webspace, Google has built an AI-based Language Model that provides insightful and witty remarks by replicating human instincts through neural network architecture.

Language Model for Dialogue Application or LaMDS is a revolution in conversation technology that duplicates human-like conversation in digital space. Unlike other chatbots, LaMDA's flexibility and adaptability in acquiring nuances of language help retailers and customers to indulge in meaningful interactions by understanding the context of the conversation. 

Building humanness in interaction is the next big thing Google is expecting through its AI platform. LaMDA promises more accessibility and easy access to information.  

2. Project Starline for Holographic Portrayal

Major Google AI innovations

Communication is a crucial part of eCommerce. Customers or users need real-time assistance. Of course, chatbots have improved our excellence in helping customers and clients who approach us. But, it is high time to provide customized experience and assistance to clients by appearing real. Yes! We are going to discuss the possibilities in video chat for enhancing customer experience.

If rightly utilized, virtual meetings can streamline your business to appear loyal and responsible." According to CrazyEgg 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support". So, this is the right time to think about a more advanced platform that helps you to improve the live chat system.

Well, Google is all set to introduce the AI-based Project Starline platform. It makes use of machine learning, spatial studio, and compression to help people generate a feeling of togetherness. If used as a video marketing tool, Project Starline helps online merchants to attend and interact with hundreds and thousands of consumers through 3D-generated holograms

The new video conferencing tool creates 3D images of people in the virtual booth and creates hyper-real representations that make interactions more interesting and productive. Moreover, you don't need to use earphones and microphones to improve clarity.  

Now, eCommerce merchants can easily demonstrate their products to the customers through the hyper-real Project Starline platform. The platform is not open for commercial and personal use at present. Google is testing the frequency and efficiency of the newly built AI platform. But it promises users the availability of the Project Starline shortly.  

3. Dermatology Tool for Clinical Validation

 People are now more concerned about skin and beauty. They need a customized solution that understands their unique needs. But consumers are always confused about buying cosmetics and skin products from eCommerce stores. They complain the reliability, quality, and nature of the product can't be inspected while buying from an online store. This was a major drawback till Google introduced augmented reality and virtual try-on.

Image of augmented reality

The advancement in augmented reality helps consumers to buy products by analyzing their skin tone and texture. Understanding individual skin concerns are necessary to manufacture customized products that accommodate people from all age groups by inspecting their skin tones and types. The virtual try-on also allows customers to test how the products will look on you before buying them in real life. 

Moreover, machine learning technology has developed a Skin AI that diagnoses skin issues by giving clinically accurate results. These kinds of innovations deliver meaningful experiences by keeping customers engaged throughout their journey. 

AI-based skin detection tools never replace a doctor. But it helps in early detection and continuous diagnosis by helping you find your requirements and seek expert assistance at the right time. 

4. Google Assistant To Boost Voice Search Technology  

Conversational commerce is gaining momentum. Voice-enabled queries and searches have made things easy for customers. From buying groceries to booking a cab, you no more need to sit and type. Google assistant's extended AI services are now available across 1 billion devices.

Just ask for the services, you will get the feedback immediately! The innovation of other voice recognition tools has made things easy. App Action is one of the new Google AI trends. If your eCommerce store has an app version, integrate your app with Google Assistant. It will help your customers to launch your app version through voice commands without any development work.   

Google voice search

Most of the big eCommerce giants have integrated their platform with voice recognition tools. 

Statistics show that "41% of adults use voice search at least once per day. Studies show that in 2020, more than half of all smartphone users will engage with voice technology on their device". 

The usual shopping journey that takes 3-4 clicks is simplified to a single voice command by saving time and fastening the conversion. 

Research confirms that local and hyper-local voice search has also increased over these years as 46% of users search for local businesses daily. Customers' growing adherence to voice search has encouraged Google to continuously bring new and advanced conversational AI tools to strengthen the future of eCommerce. 

5. Updated Maps for Boosting Logistics Services

Discoverability is a crucial feature that promotes businesses. Location-based intelligence enabled by Google Maps can accelerate sales and distribution. For big business giants and small enterprises, empowering logistics and delivery are vital to building customer relationships and confidence. 

Integrating businesses with Google Maps has leveraged many online vendors to boost their sales and distribution. Also, voice-based location guides and strategies have made things quite easy for users. Interestingly, a few months back, Google declared many new AI-based innovations that enhanced business visibility. 

Google Maps Live Street View is an advanced feature that helps your customers take a virtual tour of your business. But customers raised many privacy issues when Google announced its Live Street view that enables enhanced exposure of the street and your business on a digital space.     

Answering all the queries, Google reverted that the new technology blurs all faces and other crucial credentials from public exposure by sticking to the new privacy-enabled digital space. In a nutshell, live Street View helps businesses to:

  • Humanize the brand by building loyal and genuine customer relationships
  • Help customers with research and background check before indulging in transactions
  •  Attract local target customers who are looking for nearby services

Image of Google Map view

6. Advanced Quantum Metrics boost Google Cloud Market 

Google's new quantum updates notify an efficient and secure digital space. Google's quantum computers perform differently from classical computers by saving time in computation and providing easy encryptions. Let's leave all the physics and science in quantum supremacy! For the time, let's focus on how quantum supremacy will boost eCommerce and businesses in the future. 

Here are some stellar advantages quantum computing will provide eCommerce with: 

1. It helps to simplify big data and analytics. Big data plays a crucial role in generating leads and conversion. It improves decision-making capability and access to information. Simplifying data accumulation and improving analytics through quantum metrics helps eCommerce businesses to make competitive decisions. 

2. Enhancing cryptography features is vital to secure digital assets. The new quantum computing feature helps to break encryptions helping companies to secure data and private communications. 

3. Quantum machine learning also transforms the logistics industry by helping in dynamic route optimization and building a robust supply chain.
Image of a quantum computer

Let's Secure Your Journey through Google's Innovation & Transformation

Getting ready for the big transformation is a difficult task. Understanding, analyzing, and implementation take time. But the change is inevitable. As Google moves towards a privacy-first future by redefining analytics, Shopify integration, and AI innovations, the core focus is on simplifying the user journey and securing users' privacy. 

The growing consumer demands and digital service utilization necessitates a safe browsing place that eases consumers' journey in the whole process. Integrating with the new Google feature will promise online businesses and merchants transparency in the user journey and reliable performance by enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Join eComIntegrate to ease your journey towards a privacy-first future. We help you build your enterprise backed by privacy-enabled innovations.  


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