Top SEO Browser Extension Tools For Boosting SERP Ranking

SEO marketing becomes a troublesome part of website optimization if you lack the right tools. Monitoring your SEO ranking, measuring the key metrics, regular keyword research, and other technical tasks are vital to improving your site performance. But, is it possible to carry out these daunting tasks without the assistance of stellar tools?

Thankfully, SEO extension tools for browsers have improved convenience and speed in carrying out the challenging parts of marketing. There are plenty of SEO-based extensions that you can access with a click. 

Though there are numerous browsers available in the tech market. 70% of users rely on Google Chrome to perform actions considering its adaptability on smart devices and desktops. Productivity rests upon how effectively you use the extension tools by understanding your operational deficiency. It's not about installing every extension that you see. You need to measure the efficacy of your campaign before choosing any particular browser extension.

A Glimpse on the Top SEO Extension Tools 

Components of SEO

To build a successful SEO campaign, it is necessary to understand where to make the relevant changes. Off-page and On-page optimization, keyword research, content, backlinks, social media, and image optimization are some of the indispensable components of an SEO campaign. Let's take a sneak-peek at some of the stellar extension tools that will amplify your SEO campaign:

Add-Ons For Keyword Research

Statistics claim 92.42% of keywords get ten monthly searches or fewer.

Understanding your customers’ behavior and search patterns is crucial to optimize SEO campaigns. Your keyword should resonate with what your customers are putting into the search bar. Keywords are one of the metrics search engines need to provide relevant and reliable content to the users.

  • Every business needs to discover the right keywords for their business to rank higher on the search platforms.
  • Understand your business better and what your customers expect from you.
  • Optimize your website performance to roll out your business motive and services.

Constantly monitoring your keyword performance is necessary to sharpen your competitive edge. Tracking your competitor's keywords and improving your keyword analysis is vital to stay relevant in the market. Let's flip through some stellar keyword research tools to push ahead your campaign.

1. Ubersuggest

A keyword should be selected by considering its monthly search volume, PPC, CPC competition, and SEO relevance. Before you choose any random keyword, you must figure out how it's going to hit the SERP page. Well, in that case, Ubersuggest comes with a couple of features that help to amplify ranking. Apart from simply putting forth keyword suggestions and statistics, Ubersuggest offers types of keywords to improve your visibility.

The keyword is not always a single word. It can be a longtail word, a question, a synonym, or a play with prepositions. Ubersuggest brings you all the related suggestions that users are typing on the search engine and that got maximum social shares on the internet.

2. Keyword Surfer

One of the benefits of using Keyword Surfer is you will get to see keyword search volume directly on Google Search Page. Keyword Surfer is a unified platform where you can optimize and plan your content to get more organic traffic, leads and revenue. Direct SERP analysis, country-specific suggestions, and keyword availability in 20+ languages are some of the features of Keyword Surfer.   

Keyword research tool

3. BuzzSumo

Finding relevant topics and headlines that are trending is necessary to hook potential customers. BuzzSumo brings you trending stories and what customers are looking for along with keyword research. Moreover, it tracks your brand reputation. Besides, cross-channel insights and media coverage reports are other features unique to BuzzSumo. Stellar content is created when you get to know what your customers are looking for. So, get your hands on BuzzSumo to create an impact.   

Add-Ons For Content Optimization

Content plays a critical role in driving organic traffic and visibility. According to the Hubspot review, Blogs are among the primary three forms of media used in content strategies today. Content optimization is all about creating copies that are user-centric. Content structure, layout, and language can vary according to the target audience. So, inspecting the content efficiency is vital to enhance your SEO campaign. 

Of course, Grammarly is one of the highly recommended content marketing tools that help you create and edit goal-oriented copies. But apart from that, there are many other sought-after content marketing tools you can install on your browser to frame impeccable content.  

1. MarketMuse

Artificial intelligence has captured every sphere of marketing. MarketMuse is a content optimization tool that makes use of Artificial content intelligence to create compelling content. The real-time text editor in MarketMuse brings you instant feedback on how effectively your content will match with customers' queries. Moreover, it helps you outperform your competitor.

Content marketing tools for browsers

2. Search Metrics Content Experience

Data-driven insights are necessary to create high-quality content. The semantic association feature in Search Metrics provides topic clusters that help you create engaging content. Further, it provides long-tail keyword suggestions and content score insights to deliver relevant, reliable, and high-performing content.

3. Textmetrics

If you want to create an inclusive on-brand text, Textmetrics is the best browser extension you can get. Textmetrics is an augmented writing platform that supports 12 languages and boosts online & offline text conversion rates. It gives you real-time suggestions and a personalized report from professional SEO writers to accelerate your content strategy.  

Add-Ons For Link Building

Companies who engage in blogging receive 97% more backlinks to their site. 

Sounds interesting, right? 

Having stellar content quality never helps you rank higher on the search engine. Google crawls for backlinks to provide users with credible and relevant results. Most of the top-ranking pages on the search engines contain 43.7% of backlinks. Backlinks help you improve site traffic, generate leads, and reduce bounce rates. Leap through some of the browser-friendly backlink extensions to intensify your SEO practices:    

1. LinkMiner

Linkminer is an excellent backlink optimization tool. It helps you find broken links on your site and tracks competitors' link-building strategies to drive authoritative backlinks for your blog. Moreover, it reduces time and cost spent on finding backlinks that improve citation flow, trust flow, number of referring IPs, and referring domains.  

Link building tool for SEO

2. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

The Majestic Backlink Checker is one of the best extension tools to strengthen your link-building strategy. It helps you get a real-time link count and allows you to find competitors who have linked the page you are browsing. Moreover, it offers better visibility of citation flow and trust flow to summarize the efficacy of links you are using on your website.

3. Linkody

Get a quick overview of your backlink performance by using the Linkody plugin. Linkody helps you find competitors' link preferences and offers insight into the first robust 100 backlinks from a domain authority. Finding the broken links and getting notifications on link status is also imperative to improve your link-building strategy.   

Add-Ons for Site Experience

67% of users say that a poor website experience negatively affects their opinion of a brand. 

Page experience is a vital element that determines your website ranking. Constantly boosting your UX experience helps you reduce bounce rate. Core Web Vitals, Mobile usability, Security, and HTTP compliance are some of the critical elements that determine your page experience.    

Browser extension tools are a great hack to retain your website experience and visibility. Get top-notch on-site SEO tools to track your website performance:

1. Page Speed Insights

Discover how your website performs on desktop and mobile devices. The advancement in mobile technology demands cross-device-friendly websites that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. When you insert the URL on the PageSpeed Insight (PSI) tool, it will bring you a dataset pinpointing the First Contentful Paint (FCP), the First Input Delay, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

2. Lighthouse

Lighthouse chrome extension tool can be run on any webpage. Site inspection is essential to find weak points that you need to know to modify the overall site experience. Lighthouse tool detects failing audits and generates a detailed report on page performance and ways to improve the page.

3. SEO Quake

Get easy access to analytical data on any webpage through SEO Quake. SEO Quake is a cluster of SEO tools that helps to boost page experience. It consists of SEO audit tools, keyword density analysis tools, and link analysis tools. Moreover, it also checks the mobile compatibility of the website.   

Image of Website experience and speed

Grab the Best SEO Browser Extension To Amplify Your Campaign

Every online marketing campaign focuses on boosting the virtual footprint, but success only comes if you are up to date with the transformation in business intelligence. Choosing the browser for installing the tools plays an integral role in accelerating the functionality of your SEO campaign.  

Things might be confusing if you are a beginner! But, no matter where you stand in marketing, eComIntegrate is always ready to extend our expert assistance to help you kickstart your digital marketing campaign. Be it SEO optimization or conversion rate optimization, we are ready to provide you with practical solutions to step forward.


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