Top 8 Strategies to Optimize Your Store for Branded Search

Have you ever googled your company name using a branded keyword?

Offline and online branding is crucial for every company to improve its commercial intent. If you are not ranking on the first one or two pages of the search results, then you are lacking a successful market penetration strategy to stamp your existence.

You have the best product list, but what is the use if you are not in the potential buyers' search results? Statistics confirm that 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine. In a competitive landscape, how can you ensure traffic influx? What's going to make you unique from your competitors? 

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Boost branded search traffic! Yes, optimizing your store for branded keyword search is crucial to drive high conversion and streamline buyers' shopping journey. Obviously, your brand's relevance on SERPs influences your buyers' decisions and leads them through the sales funnel.


Here are some stellar go-to strategies you can utilize to optimize your store for branded search:

1. Research Branded Search Queries That Define Your Business

A branded search query is any keyword that includes your brand name or other elements that are unique to your brand, like product line or name. You can easily identify your brand keywords by tracking your user journey on Google search engines and social media. There are many tools that can help you track branded keywords:

  • YouTube Auto-Suggest 
  • Amazon Auto-Suggest
  • Google Auto-Suggest 
  • Google Alerts
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Moz's Keyword Explorer

Brand optimization

It is just not enough to focus on text keywords. Optimizing your branded keywords for voice search is also crucial. Building organic traffic through branded keywords will help you stay unique from the competitors. Moreover, finding the relevant brand search keyword gives you an advantage in earning qualified leads through paid searches. Using ad extensions to list detailed information (site link location & price extension) will help you enhance your competitive edge. 

2. Establish Brand Guidelines

Consistency is the key to enhancing your branded search results. A brand style guide is necessary to prepare your brand for SERP ranking. If you want to rank on the first page of the search engine, make sure you have a style guide that ensures consistency in typography, color, logo, and imagery. If people in your company use your brand name differently in online spaces, it will reduce your search relevance and trust. Your brand guidelines are your company's personality. If you change it frequently, no one will recognize you.  

3. Improve brand awareness through display ads

Display ads have low click-through rates, but they boost customers' intent to purchase and improve brand awareness. Moreover, they are visually appealing and give enough scope to include your brand elements. With display ads, you can promote contextual ads to deliver meaningful content. Compelling images and videos are necessary to attract customers. Brand keywords that are delivered through image and video formats remain in the minds of users for a long time. 

Improve brand awareness through branded keywords


4. Leverage Guest Blogging 

Publishing content on forums and pages that share a common niche and target audience helps to boost awareness, authority, relevant links, motivated leads, and sales. Expanding exposure and finding a new audience base is imperative to take your brand to every customer touchpoint. From improving SERP relevance to social sharing, guest blogging plays a crucial role in amplifying your brand position. Above all, statistics claim internet users in the US spend 3X more time on blogs than they do on email.

Building familiarity is the first and foremost thing. Your brand should have an identity and value proposition that helps you to remain unique among hundreds and thousands of competitors. Focusing on branded keywords and leveraging them through guest blogs helps you rank higher on the search engine.     

5. Invest in Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth strategy is also crucial in raising brand awareness and promoting your products more effectively. Finding an expert in your niche, from whom your customers seek advice and recommendations, will help you boost your SEO and brand value. Influencers have made a crucial impact on today's Gen Z and millennials. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. Share your keywords with influencers. This will help you gain direct traffic and improve your search value.  

Influencer marketing for brand awareness

6. Answer Your Customers' Questions 

Customers love to get a specific answer to their personal questions. If you are familiar with platforms like Quora, you might know how curious our customers are. They engage with question and answer platforms like Quora, Askville, and WikiAnswers to solve their issues. According to, 35% of Americans use Quora. These third-party sites will give you a platform to directly engage with your customers and understand their search preferences. Frequently answering their questions and engaging with them will definitely help you improve your brand value and search prospects.      

7. Utilize Google Maps Marketing

Businesses in the USA receive 26% of their views from map results. When it comes to online marketing, Google maps is one of the most prominent ways to optimize your brand for local and international markets. Listing your brand details on Google My Business will give you the advanced benefit of appearing at the top of your search results. Google maps display general brand and business information such as hours of operation, physical location, customer reviews, and driving direction. Thus, it gives an opportunity to advertise your brand on the search engine and improve visibility. 

8. Provide Applications & Tools To Create Touch Points

Apps and tools are also great hacks to improve your brand relevance. Today, customers look for brands that provide personalized apps. Mobile apps help to ensure that your customers will remain aware of the brand all the time. Moreover, it helps to:

  • Scale traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Boost networking
  • Provide value to customers 

mobile apps for SEO

 It's Time to Treat Your Brand As A Keyword...

Visibility and reputation on the online platform are crucial to creating an impact on your niche. Digital transformation has become a lifeblood for industries. Customers are now more inclined towards brands that provide a seamless shopping journey. The search engine results page is the first touchpoint every customer uses to connect with a brand. According to the statistics, branded keywords convert 2 times faster than non-branded keywords as it increases trust and loyalty.

At eComIntegrate, our trusted digital marketers will help you optimize your brand for SERP. We provide you with robust digital marketing strategies that will help you leap ahead. To know more about our digital marketing services, drop a line below. 



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