Top 5 Google Ad Mistakes To Avoid

In this fast-paced economy, competition is on a rise. You will face a new contender every day. The increasing competition will ultimately trigger you to work harder to make yourself more visible in the digital market. So, adopting a good marketing strategy is the key to your success. Among a plethora of options to promote your brand in the digital space, Google ads are the most popular choice that could gain you more customers.

With 96% of the brands adopting Google Ads as their digital marketing tool, it’s time for you to up your game. As Google Ads offers an unmatched reach, you cannot go wrong in any place while creating your Ad. You have to pay attention to even the smallest of the details as one wrong step can decide your fate in the eCommerce sector.

Google ad mistakes can cost you your business

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Here are the 5 most terrible Google Ad mistakes that you should avoid-

#1: Choosing the wrong keyword

Keywords form the heart of any Google Ad since it has the power to increase your visibility. Before planning your Google Ads, you need to know about the three categories of keywords- broad match, phrase match, exact match. If you fail to use these matches appropriately, then you are sure to run into trouble.

  • Broad match- Being the most basic category, broad match can prove to be of no use when not done right. It gives Google the autonomy to display your Ad wherever it feels your keyword would match. Ads may be displayed in irrelevant places that do not match your target audience.
  • Phrase match- A better option than broad match, but still not the best. It can be a little limiting for some campaigns as the users should use the right phrase in order to run into the Ad.
  • Exact match- Being the most specific match among the three categories, the exact match can be extremely limiting. Your Ad is displayed only when the user searches using the specific keywords. Since this is the most expensive compared to others, you can’t go wrong in choosing the right keywords.

Don’t screw up with keywords in Google ads

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#2: Errors in post-click landing page

Not paying attention to even the smallest details can cost you a lot. One such detail that you should be careful about is the post-click landing page. You may put in your best efforts in delivering the perfect ad copies. But one wrong click can destroy all your efforts. If the landing page is not optimal enough to provide a good user experience, then your attempts are sure to go in vain.

Post-click landing page experience can affect the bounce rate and conversion rate depending on the quality of its performance. Before you add the landing page to your ads, make sure it is optimized. Also, make sure that the web page has a responsive web design so that it is compatible with various devices ranging from desktops to mobile phones.

Missing out on small details is one of the deadliest Google ad mistakes

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A good landing page should load within 3 seconds and as per the numbers reveal, if it exceeds more than 3 seconds, then the bounce rate possibility is 90%. Hence, the post-click landing page should provide a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

#3: Mistakes in choosing the landing page

Apart from post-click landing page errors, making unwise decisions in selecting your landing page can also cost you, potential customers. You should be careful in redirecting the customers to a specific web page instead of your home page.

With the digital age kicking in, online shoppers are so used to fast-paced and convenient shopping. Their choices are more specific. So, you have to give an accurate solution to their queries rather than letting them land on your home page, and waiting for them to navigate to their desired page. They may not have the patience to do so, thereby your customer acquisition will come to a standstill.

This can be troublesome especially when your eCommerce website deals with a variety of products. In such cases, connect your ads to those pages that are directly relevant to the ads. If the post-click landing page does not have any direct relevance to the ads, then it can severely affect your quality score as well.

Landing page error is the must-avoid Google ad mistake

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#4: Not Using Extensions

Missing out on providing the extensions is the most basic mistake that many of us make. But unfortunately, it is the most important tactic that you can’t afford to miss. Providing extensions means you are giving extra information about your eCommerce storefront. It can be your contact details or even a link to the reviews.

By providing these extensions, you are luring your potential customers to your website. So, by failing to add these details, you will lose more customers than you can ever imagine. It can also highly affect your marketing strategies as you are losing out on the simple ways to gain customer attention.

Use the right extensions appropriately

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Also, not providing the right extensions under the right keyword can result in showing your ads at irrelevant places. Be careful while choosing the right keywords for the extensions.

#5: Choosing an irrelevant network

Deciding on choosing the right search or display network is the most crucial part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. For search network campaigns, you can opt for a search network, display network, or both. But you need to be careful in your choice as it can cost you a lot of money.

If you are looking for ways to generate leads, then the search network is the most appropriate choice because it is not necessary that the display network will hike up the conversion rate. So, your Cost Per Acquisitions will shoot up without any particular gain if the display network does not yield any desired result.

Stay away from Google ad mistake

You cannot make a mistake of showing text ads on display networks. It might not bring you the desired result. In such cases, your text ads will not stand out to capture the visitor’s attention and it becomes a waste of money. Hence, it is highly recommended that you keep your search and display ads separate on different networks.

Bottom Line

With each strategy that you take up, make sure that the conversion rate aims for the sky. You should not make room for mistakes that would affect your scalability. With eComIntegrate, the digital marketing of your eCommerce business is sure to be on fleek. Keep all your worries aside as you will not be bogged down by any mistakes. With the perfect curation of all the prime ads, your eCommerce business will grow in leaps and bounds.


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