Top 10 Post-Pandemic Digital Marketing Strategies for SMEs & Large Businesses

The digital marketing platform is going to take a new leap in the post-pandemic era. It's more about trust, reliability, and customer-facing services. In 2020, total US eCommerce sales reached $759.47 billion, a 31.73 percent year-over-year increase from 2019’s $576.53 billion. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of digital marketing. Even micro-businesses are now shifting perceptions towards digital transformation. According to CISCO, 72% of small businesses across the eight markets surveyed are accelerating their digitalization rates to address COVID-19 challenges. 

The dynamics of the market are changing rapidly. It's not just about selling a product, but brands are more engaged in creating a brand experience that is more customer-centered. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. It's all about evolving with the market and changing your strategy according to consumer behavior.  

Digitak marketing for eCommerce

Why do Large Enterprises need Digital Marketing Strategies?

Competition is rising in the market. Pandemic has made every business go digital to survive in the race. Every day new eCommerce stores are flourishing in the market. Digital marketing provides manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers with an equal opportunity to thrive and reap growth. 

Social commerce is growing day by day. Continuous digital presence and stamping an identity on multiple channels are mandatory to stay relevant in the market and retain customer retention. No matter how great your products and services are, if you lack stellar marketing tactics then you are going to lag in the market.      

Why do Small Enterprises need Digital Marketing Strategies?

Digital marketing provides equal opportunity for every business to rise ahead. No matter whether you are a bootstrapping business or a large enterprise, if rightly optimized, digital marketing helps you achieve measurable results. Traditional marketing is never a bad strategy, but it takes time and consumes money if you are struggling to build your business. As a bootstrapping and small business, your main focus should be on expanding your brand awareness and targeting customers, which can be easily done through digitization and online marketing strategy.

Prepare for the Post Pandemic Era-Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies 

Instead of shutting the doors permanently, many retailers in the US found opportunities in eCommerce when the pandemic hit the world. It is not just enough to create a website and start selling. Stamping a unique presence and maintaining brand consistency across platforms is the key to unlocking market success. 

Here are the top 9 post-pandemic marketing strategies every eCommerce retailer, manufacturer, and distributor must try to ensure market growth.

1. Understand Your Marketplace Buyer Persona & Retain Existing Customers

Understanding the communication channels, your marketplace, and how your buyers respond to them is crucial to retaining customers. Personalization is the new norm. Every customer wants to see customized suggestions that interest them. 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience. 

The pandemic has been a major driving force that has instilled an unprecedented shift in consumer behavior. As movements were restricted, they relied on eCommerce to satisfy their requirements. Considering the shift, even small businesses have now become part of digitization. 

Brand awareness


Trust and loyalty are two crucial things customers want to see in every purchase. Many customers stuck onto traditional shopping, doubting the efficiency, experience, and quality eCommerce can provide. Nevertheless, the pandemic has even brought people from all walks of life into digital platforms. 

For providing a tailored experience, customers must explore the possibilities of big data and AI. Customers are unique and prefer various channels to shop for products they are looking for. Understanding their behavior, propositions, and their way of communication will help you set tailored experiences that match their requirements.  

2. Invest in Social Media Advertising & Influencer Marketing

To pull off your online marketing, you need a strong social media strategy. During this pandemic, social media has played a significant role in enhancing the customer experience. In a nutshell, social media has become a consumer decision-making tool that provides shoppable content. 87% of users turn to social media for help in making a shopping decision. 

How many times has it happened that you found a stellar product on social media and searched eCommerce sites to find the exact match? The days of your unproductive searches end here! Get your hands on the right product directly from shoppable social media content.      

social media marketing for eCommerce

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are a new way to find products and shop directly. Creators of reels can tag products in reels, helping customers find them easily on the Instagram app. 

Facebook & Instagram Gift Cards 

Customers love the excitement when it comes to online shopping. According to statistics, 65% of gift card holders tend to spend an extra 38 percent beyond the value of the card. Gift cards have played a significant role in retaining customers and improving cash flow during the pandemic. Moreover, gift cards help customers:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Boost holiday sales
  • Amplify digital wallet use
  • Increase customer engagement rate
  • Generate useful data   

Pinterest Product Pins

Attaching your eCommerce platform with metadata-rich product pins will help customers buy directly from Pinterest. In 2021, Pinterest had 91 million monthly active users in the US alone. Some of the crucial benefits of buyable pins are:

  • It is multi-device friendly. 
  • It doesn't take any commission. 
  • Enhances the direct-to-consumer scale.

3. Kickstart Exclusive Deals & Offers 

Enrich your customer journey by giving personalized discounts and offers. It will help you build a unique bond with your customers. Urgent sales or Limited Time Offers are the best way to drag customers towards your store. When you make a discount strategy, make sure you are giving it for a reason. Customers want to know why you are providing them with a discount or offering sales. So, ensure that you are providing them with value through your offers.      

4. Redefine Your Communication Strategy & Brand Messaging

Are you still using a single communication strategy? Well, then you are probably making a mistake. Customers have different preferences and ways of engaging with your brand. If you are only providing a newsletter to engage with your customers, then you are not going to get the expected traction. So, make sure you are using different brand messaging and communication strategies to frequently engage with your customers.

Try these key communication strategies to engage efficiently with your customers:

  • Banner Ads
  • Press Release
  • Text Ads
  • Text Mailers
  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics & Video
  • Chatbots & Phone Conversation

social media marketing

5. Integrate Product Information Management Tools

Your customers want to see seamless product information across different channels. You might be using different channels to communicate with your customers, and your product information might be coming from multiple vendors or sources. So, use a robust product information tool to distribute quality enhanced, and consistent product catalog across selected channels. Your product content and digital assets are the only means to duplicate the in-store experience. As the majority of customers have shifted towards online platforms, they look for informative and consistent content to understand and gain knowledge about a product. 

6. Leverage Organic Traffic & SEO

The number of internet users has plummeted since the covid outbreak. The trend is going to remain so in the upcoming post-covid era also. Leveraging organic traffic through SEO is crucial to enhance discoverability. Find keywords that your customers are frequently using and create mobile-friendly websites that generate value.      

Search engines were major platforms customers interacted with to produce relevant results during the pandemic. So, improving search engine relevance is crucial to stay relevant in the market and enhance the brand value. 


7. Try Your Hands on Dynamic Remarketing Strategy

Pandemic has increased competition in the market. Stamp your brand's impression on the customers' minds by adopting the remarketing strategy. A customer may have visited your site or abandoned a cart with an aim to purchase later. But, they might have forgotten about the cart. In such cases, dynamic remarketing helps bring back customers who have left an impression by delivering timely notifications and emails.      

8Emerge as a Socially Responsible Brand

Socially responsible companies have a significant value among customers. When engaging with a socially responsible brand, customers feel themselves being a part of a social movement. As sustainability movements and green trends are emerging tremendously, brands are adopting corporate responsibility to streamline social, ethical, and legal behavior. So, while framing your post-covid digital marketing strategy, make sure it's not just about your product but also shows your brand's alignment and takes to social matters.   

 9. Ensure data security and privacy

Customers demand a high level of data privacy in the post-covid era. Every marketing strategy should focus on building a privacy-first ecosystem that respects user privacy and protects users' personal data. So as you enter the post-covid era, make sure you adopt a first-party data strategy to conform to privacy-first policy.   


privacy-first marketing

Revamp Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

It's time to think about expanding and redefining your marketing journey as we step into the post-pandemic era. Market dynamics are changing, consumer demand is increasing, and competitor markets are also inflating day-by-day. What we need is a stellar post-pandemic marketing strategy to sustain in the digital race. 

Are you looking for the best digital marketing strategies to kickstart your journey in the post-pandemic era? Our expert digital marketers at eComIntegrate are all set to provide you with personalized online marketing strategies to gain traffic, leads, and conversion. To know more about our end-to-end digital marketing strategies and services, fill out the forms below. 


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