Place Your Order Online and Pick Up At Our Store: The Complete Guide

Have you been wondering about expanding the connectivity of your brick and mortar store? Well, a lot of us are! That's when we found out that setting up the ‘order online and pick-up at the store’ option for your customers can give your business a massive boost.

E-Commerce platforms are rapidly growing B2B internet business portals. In a busy world, a customer looks for a less tedious shopping experience to avoid crowded lines, searching and haggling. So, online shopping platforms will help you to provide a personalized shopping experience. You can categorize their priorities according to the quality, price, color, size and other varying features by saving their time, respecting their choice, and money.

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When it comes to cities like Raleigh, popularly known as the Research Triangle, where the student demography is comparatively high, online stores play an imperative role in increasing customer traffic. “Buy online and Pick-up at the store” options help to protect your store from dropping customers due to congestion, pandemics and infrastructural inconvenience.

Authenticity and endorsement of an online store are two crucial aspects of a virtual market. The increasing drudgery and frauds have brought bad reviews and trust issues in online markets. To tackle this, you should be able to generate tight core personalized security to each of the customers.

Here is an ultimate guide that covers different aspects involved in setting up E-Commerce platforms.

Advantages of placing the Order Online

If you offer a 24/7 online order service to your customers, it gives them personalized purchase slots that enable customers to compare the prizes and review products. Moreover, if you develop a mobile app for your shopping website, it will increase security and privacy.

Buy online, pick at store

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Now, being a retailer, virtual stores will help you to attract customers all over the world. Physical barriers will not be a problem anymore, you can market your products by sitting at any of the corners of Raleigh through your online market.

Why customers go for "Pick up at the Store" Option

Pay online and collect from stores

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Now, let us discuss one of the trending online market features. Fixing a “Pick up at the store" option in an online store is a pitch to attract shoppers. Identify the customer demography hooked upon virtual stores in your area. Further, you should be able to address their requirements and inconveniences at the same time. There are a plethora of benefits in fixing "pick up at the store option" in an online business site:

  • A majority of consumer society do it to blow off fleecing shipping charges.
  • Many customers feel it inconvenient to hang tight until the product delivery time. They prefer visiting the store for quick service.
  • Customers get enough time to monitor the quality and package details from the store itself.
  • To avoid the crowded line and searching, customers prefer the pick up at the store option.
  • Helps to generate a safe drive or walk at times of a pandemic.

Why retailers should go for “Pick up at the Store" Option

You should identify “pick up at the store option” as a better way to initiate an omnichannel retail strategy, especially in a crowded living area. This option has proved to generate increased customer satisfaction. Let us see how it works for you.

Easy shopping with pay online and collect from store

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  • In-store shopping shows an upsurge in extra selling.
  • Shipping expenses and labor charges can be saved.
  • Damage complaints can be minimized.
  • Helps to develop a cordial relationship with customers.
  • Local retailers in the cities get high virtual exposure and promotion.

Guidelines to set up “Place Your Order Online” Option

If you are a local retailer from Raleigh city, you can set up your online store with high-quality features if you follow these guidelines:

1. Develop a pattern for sale

Instead of leaping in the dark, develop some packed ideas, decide what you want to sell, understand the demography of the region and identify the competitors in the region. A website that recognizes the trends and needs of Raleigh city should be made. A theme, brand name, domain and a good retailer profile are keys to developing a website.

If you are looking for a perfect place to host an eCommerce platform don’t get puzzled. eComintegrate, the Google certified Digital Marketing agency based in Raleigh, is here to guide you. Our expert team will assist you in website development, optimization and marketing.

2. Choose among dropshipping and holding your own business

If you don't have enough money to invest in complete proprietorship, you can go for dropshipping. Dropshipping is a low cost and high return business tactic. It helps you to focus more on promotion and publicity.

Otherwise, if your brick and mortar store is good enough to raise the whole amount then you can take hold of the whole business platform. You should be well trained to manage accounts, delivery section, and shipping and promotion activities along with the brick and mortar store.

3. Focus on Pricing

It is a mass behavior where customers search for cheaper products. If you sell at a lower price, people will purchase, but your Average Order Value (AOV) will be small. To tackle this issue, either you should force customers to buy more using stunning deals, or you can regularly keep some products at a lower price, comparing the product value with that of your competitors.

In some cases brand name matters, customers may not think about an alternative for a product with a high-quality brand name. Such tactics help you to grab traffic and increase the sale of high priced items.

AOV is a key indicator that measures customer behavior, and it analyses performance. Providing discount offers, return policies and free shipping options are some of the nudges to accelerate AOV.

4. Promote the platform through Social Media and Influencers

Raleigh is known for its student demography. Featuring your products through influencers and social media help to grab students' attention. Choosing influencers from the nearby area also helps to increase reliability. Creating media groups to share reviews, new product details and upcoming sales also accelerate the business.

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Guidelines to set up the "Pick up at the store" option

Day by day, new markets and online stores are being opened to bag profit from the market culture. So, it is always necessary to provide additional features to remain extraordinary.

Let’s see what are the additional features you should fix inside "Pick-up at the store" option:

1. Identify the nature of the “Pick-up at the store" option

Along with the “pick up at the store” menu, curbside pick- up option is also trending nowadays. Most of the Raleigh markets or stores fall in between customers' destination points. So it is easy for them to utilize pick up at the store or curbside pick-up options. In a curbside pick-up option, customers don't need to step out of the car. Anyway, options to pick-up help to increase customer satisfaction and it enhances a platform for responsible sales.

2. Enable scheduled pickup

Customers should be allowed to choose the date and time of pick up. Keep a track of the time and date to avoid unnecessary confusions. Though the customers are allowed to choose time and date, you should fix a business hour. Also, turn off the pick-up option if there are any inconveniences in handling the pick-up delivery mode.

3. Set up Eligibility

Not all the orders need to be eligible for the pick-up option. If any of the products fall in this level, give an option either to remove the product from the existing order or to order separately for shipping.

4. Set up the pick-up location menu

If there are multiple stores, 'edit location' menu should be provided to select preferable pick-up spots. If possible, provide a route map of each location. This increases the time spent by customers in online stores. Providing ease of accessibility will keep your brand name among the top lists.

5. Notify the customers

It is appreciable if you can provide a confirmation mail when the order is ready for pick up. It won't be pleasant if the customer arrives and the order gets delayed. So always send them a notification.

Final Word

Urban complexes are a hub of diverse culture. Technology plays an upper hand in cities due to the high student demography and working-class population. So, technology and web-based E-Commerce platforms will play a lead role in attracting customers. Scope of tourism also helps to develop online markets. Local products can be sold to tourists through these options. Adding language specifications also help to entice tourist customers.

Easy payment methods to boost sales

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A city-specific E-Commerce platform helps local retailers to grab global attention. We at eComIntegrate guide you to take your store to the next step of growth by helping to maintain a customized online presence.

Moreover, it helps to boost "the local pick up at the store" option to purchase through online stores. Such options are mutually beneficial to both customers and retailers. Profit and customer satisfaction can be nurtured if E-Commerce platforms are efficiently managed.

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