Lifestyle Images: The Easiest Hack to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

The biggest struggle for an e-commerce platform is creating momentum. Convincing your customers to buy a product, and generating a desire in them to come back seems to be a strenuous task. But in reality, you can drive huge traffic through meticulous planning and digital strategies.

This time, let's turn our focus to one of the imperative segments of e-commerce- optimizing product images. Bringing up a touch feel is one of the struggles you should overcome to increase sales. Your customers can’t see and try the product. But you can provide them alluring product images that inspire the shoppers to grab the product.

Product images enhance visibility

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Based on the usage, objects, size, dimension, infographics, and purpose of the product, the nature of the shots varies. A brilliant click can create a break in your sales. There are different types of product images that you should consider while developing a full-fledged online store.

Among the diverse product shots, lifestyle images are trending now. Customers have shown a great response to the products promoted through lifestyle images. Let us see why it has gained wide popularity in the online markets.

What makes lifestyle product images popular?

Images do have a tremendous impact. It can take you higher, and at the same time, it can reduce your conversion if not done carefully. A perfect click is a crucial aspect of e-commerce. If you want to enhance the quality and reliability of your online brand, provide top-hole lifestyle product images.

Lifestyle images generate credibility, Woman using a body cream
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1. Portrayal of Reality

The realistic portrayal is a prominent factor that makes lifestyle product photos effective. A slice of daily life is captured to give the product a real existence. Natural lighting and natural background beckon your customers to build a bond with your store.

If your customers want to know the real-life purpose of the product, lifestyle images are the best choice. It brings a human touch. If you need to sell a watch, you can choose a model to promote it. A person sitting in an office wearing the watch, or a college student wearing it to college may drag more attention than placing the product blindly on a white background.

2. Narrates a Story and Inspires Shoppers

Lifestyle images can narrate the purpose of your product and usability by leveling up visual communication with the customers. Your customers rely a lot on what they see. If your product is an unconventional one, you can explain the usage by providing lifestyle images. The advantage of a lifestyle image is that it is highly inspiring. People tend to buy a product when they see people like them using it.

Lifestyle images inspire shoppers to buy more

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Your success never solely depends on the product you chose to sell, but it is also about how you will convince the customers that it is a part of their daily lifestyle.

Whatever be the product you sell, let it be related to fashion, sports, craft, health or family, people love to visualize how the product will benefit them. Using an image that has a close connection with the daily life of the people will help the customers to identify how the product will bring a positive change to their lifestyle.

Benefits of High-quality Lifestyle Product Images

Lifestyle images and multiple angle images create boundless scopes for e-commerce stores to ensure market visibility. It is a pathway for your store to create a brand value and maintain consistency and continuity. Now, Let’s see some top-notch benefits of lifestyle images.

Product images boost sales graph

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1. Lifestyle images help to Gain Authenticity

A single Lifestyle image can make your customer stay long on the site. They feel you through the picture. The credibility highly depends upon the shots you provide on your site. If what gets shipped and what you promote through the image are poles apart, your customers will lose trust in your brand.

2. Plays a crucial role in Inbound Marketing

The lifestyle images you capture can be used to upgrade various marketing platforms. It can help the inbound markets to reach up to the target audience by sharing the pictures through marketing collaterals. The customers get enticed to buy a product when they see people like them stylishly carrying the product.

If you are planning to promote your online shops through Google shopping or other social media platforms, quality images count a lot. The visibility and brand value can be upgraded through the lifestyle shots you share with the customers.

3. Helps to generate organic search results

Are you looking for alternative ways to boost the search engine relevance of your product? Then you are on the right track. Lifestyle images do have the potential to optimize the search engine. Creating a precise and sharp image file name and providing an apt text alternative to the images are advanced ways to increase the organic search engine value of your product.

Plan Some Extra Shots

It is a fact that lifestyle images play a key role in increasing traffic. At the same time, the combination of different shots helps customers to focus more on your product. So, it is always ideal to inculcate other kinds of product shots along with lifestyle images.

If lifestyle images narrate a story, white background images, multiple angle images, close-up images, and instructional images enhance the top qualities of your product.

1. White Background Images

White background photography is the default mode of presentation, and it is a versatile choice used by Google Shopping and other digital domains. It helps to create focused images and maintain consistency and continuity.

White background photos eliminate distractionsPhoto by Markus Spiske from Pexels

White background images are also easy to edit. If you are new to online marketing, and if you cannot afford lifestyle images and influencers, a white background image is the best cost-effective method.

2. Multiple angle images/360 degree images

Providing multiple angle images can boost the sale. It's like giving your customers a virtual provision to turn your product and view it from different angles. You can either click multiple images from different angles or else, if you don’t want to fill your site with product photos, you can choose 360-degree shots that let you rotate the image as per your choice.

3. Close-up Images

Your customers are concerned about the quality of the materials you provide. They can’t examine the product physically. Though you provide weighty content to convince customers, they may not be fully satisfied. Close-up shots to identify product qualityImage by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

In such cases, close-up images can help you. To an extent, these images will help the customers to identify the quality of raw materials.

4. Instructional Images

If you are selling electronic or some utility products, instructional images must be included with lifestyle images. If your customers are not native speakers of a tongue used on your sites, a step-by-step guide through visual representation helps customers to fix the product and use the product.

Final Note

Optimizing product images is equally important to promote your product across market collaterals. If your store is facing a setback even after having amazing offers and quality products, then you need to cross-check the quality of your product images.

Any image can provide visual guidance. But, only a brilliant click can narrate a story that inspires the customers to create a unique bond with your store. Lifestyle images can help you to do this. A perfect shot can speak a lot more than the written description.

If you are confused about how to promote your e-commerce store, visit eComIntegrate to kickstart your business.


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