How to Bring Curbside Retail to Your Store?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. Customers are now looking for contactless options, and a curbside pickup is a convenient option for them. If you're not already offering curbside pickup, now is the time to start.

Setting up curbside retail at your store can be a great way to bring in additional foot traffic and sales. But what exactly is curbside retail, and how can you make it successful?

Curbside pick up for convenience

Why Curbside Retail is Important?

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shutter their doors, but that doesn't mean that retail is dead. In fact, there's been a resurgence in curbside retail as consumers look for contactless ways to shop.

There are many benefits to curbside retail, including the fact that it's contactless and therefore safe, it's convenient, and it can help you boost sales. Curbside retail is also a great way to reach new customers who may not be comfortable shopping in-store.


Convenience & Flexibility

Curbside pickup is not only a safe option for customers, but it is also a convenient option. Customers can place their orders online or over the phone and then simply drive to your store to pick up their orders. This convenience can be a great way to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

Get Ahead of the Competition

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to offer services that set you apart from your competitors. Curbside pickup is becoming increasingly popular, so offering this service can help you attract new customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of offering curbside pickup is that it can help improve customer satisfaction. This is because curbside pickup gives customers more control over when and how they receive their orders. Additionally, curbside pickup can also help reduce the chance of orders being delayed or lost in transit.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Another benefit of offering curbside pickup is that it can help reduce your shipping costs. This is because you will no longer need to ship orders to customers' homes or businesses. Instead, customers can pick up their orders directly from your store or warehouse, which can save you money on shipping fees.

How to Set Up Curbside Retail?

Setting up curbside retail is relatively easy and can be done with just a few key ingredients: a designated pick-up location, clear signage, and a streamlined process for order fulfilment.

To get started, designate a safe and convenient pick-up location near your store entrance. Then, create clear signage that directs customers to the pick-up location and provides instructions on how to place an order. Finally, streamline your order fulfillment process so that customers can easily retrieve their purchases without coming into contact with staff or other shoppers.

Set up curbside pickup area

Step 1: Add a “Pick Up In-Store” Option to Your Product Pages

Adding a Pick Up In-Store option to your product pages is a great way to let your customers know that they have the option to pick up their order in person.

This is a really easy step to take, and all you need to do is add a button or link to your product pages that say “Pick Up In-Store.”

When your customers click on this button or link, they’ll be taken to a page where they can enter their zip code and see a list of stores near them that offer curbside pickup.

Step 2: Set Up a Curbside Pickup Area

Now that you've set up your account and designated a pickup area, it's time to start taking orders. When a customer places an order, they'll need to select the "Pickup" option as their delivery method.

Once the order is ready, you'll get an email notification with the customer's contact information and the pickup address. All you need to do is confirm the order and then arrange a time for pickup.

It's as easy as that! Curbside pickup is a great way to boost your business and make your customers' lives a little easier.

Step 3: Notify Customers When Their Order Is Ready

Once you've notified your customers that their order is ready, it's time to let them know how they can pick it up. You can do this in a couple of ways.

The first is to create a pickup notification email that will be sent to your customers as soon as their order is ready. This email should include all the information they need, such as the date and time their order will be available for pickup, the address of your store, and the contact information for your customer service team.

Another way to notify your customers is by sending them a text message or a push notification. If you choose this option, make sure you have their contact information saved in your system so you can send them the right message at the right time.

Step 4: Train Your Staff

Now it's time to train your staff on how to handle Curbside Pickup orders. This is a crucial step because if your employees don't know how to properly package and prepare an order for pickup, it could end up getting damaged or lost.

Make sure you go through all the steps and have employees practice until they're confident they can do it correctly every time. The last thing you want is for a customer to call and complain that their order wasn't handled properly.

Step 5: Promote Your New Service

Once you've added a curbside pickup to your eCommerce store, it's time to start promoting it. Let your customers know that they can now pick up their orders from your store without having to leave their homes.

You can promote your new service in a number of ways, including through your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns. And don't forget to add a banner or message on your homepage telling customers about your new service.

Make it easy for customers to find information about your curbside pickup policy, and be sure to answer any questions they may have. The more information you provide, the more likely customers are to take advantage of your new service.


How to Promote Curbside Retail?

Technology for curbside retail

Promotion is key to the success of any curbside retail operation. There are a number of ways to promote curbside retail, including:

-Using social media to spread the word. Utilize hashtags, post photos and videos, and run promotions.

-Partnering with local businesses and organizations. Collaborate with complementary businesses to cross-promote your curbside retail services.

-Engaging with the community. Host events, sponsor local sports teams or clubs, and support charitable causes.

-Creating a marketing campaign. Develop eye-catching visuals and come up with creative slogans or taglines to capture attention.

All of these promotion strategies will help raise awareness of your curbside retail services and attract new customers.

How to Make Curbside Retail Successful?

The key to success with curbside retail is twofold: first, you need to have a great product, and second, you need to make sure your customers are aware of your curbside service. If you have a great product, customers will be more likely to use your curbside service. And if customers are aware of your curbside service, they'll be more likely to use it.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you have a great product:

1) Make sure you're offering something that's in demand. This could be a hot new item, or simply a popular item that's hard to find in stores.

2) Make sure your prices are competitive. This doesn't mean you have to be the cheapest option out there, but you should be in the ballpark.

3) Offer quality customer service. This means being friendly and helpful, and making sure that any issues with the product are resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Set up curbside delivery

Get Started With Curbside Retail With Us

If you're looking to bring the convenience of curbside retail to your store, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to set up curbside retail so that it's easy and convenient for customers. Second, you need to promote curbside retail so that customers are aware of it. Finally, you need to make sure that curbside retail is successful by ensuring that it's easy and convenient for customers. With these tips, you can bring curbside retail to your store and provide your customers with a convenient way to shop.

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