Call To Action Button: Explore Crucial Optimization Strategies to Leverage Leads & Conversion

Did you know 21% of customers bounce back from an eCommerce platform due to the long and complicated check-out processes? Customers no longer want to wait in the lobby, filling in tons of personal information. They need a less time-consuming and hassle-free CTA button that helps them to shop from any platform they like. 

It's not always about what happens inside your store. It is also about what is trending outside your store! With the advent of social media platforms and Google Shopping innovation, eCommerce has a broadened sphere to conduct sales and engage with customers outside their store. Customers are eager to make quick decisions. So, navigating them directly towards the next step is essential to boost conversion. 

image of CTA buttons

Multiple clicks are getting outdated. It's time to push sales within a single click. Easily identifiable call-to-action buttons are necessary to hook customers. Optimizing a quick and visible CTA button helps customers redirect to:

  • Cart page:  Improves average order value of your site and directs customers to the check-out page by providing information on shipping and delivery details.  

  • Check-out page: Promotes urgent flash sale or stock clearance sale by creating a rush in customers to grab your product right at the moment. 

  • Product detail page:  If you have a new product list or updated version of a product, customers would love to know the specifications before they buy it. If the dynamic check-out button takes customers to the product page, it will help them to make a choice and see similar products that can add value to their purchase.

Types of CTA Button That Leverage Impression

Different types of CTA buttons are used for various purposes. They are: 

  1. Lead Buttons to filter visitors to buyers
  2. Form submission buttons to bring recognizable customers
  3. Discovery buttons to familiarise services or products
  4. Share buttons to improve visibility
  5. Read More buttons provide faster access to bulk content
  6. Shop Now or Buy button to provide easy access to the payment link

Where to Place the Check-Out Button?

Now, most eCommerce sites integrated with other shopping platforms provide a CTA button to streamline a simpler check-out process. It can be used on off-site pages where you need to build your brand such as:

Social media buttons
  • Blog Posts or Website

Place a buy button on non-Shopify blog posts or websites. Customers may do a lot of online research about your product or services before they purchase. Well, if they end up on your non-Shopify blog or website, make sure to customize an unhindered online experience. Providing a buy button or other CTAs on the blog page or offsite websites helps give customers a unique experience even without making them leave the blog page.  

  • Social Media

Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase the click-through rate by 285%

Social media is one of the high converting touchpoints to boost conversion. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now trending with the cheap and easy merchant zones where customers have direct access to communicate with retailers to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience. No matter whether you have an eCommerce website or not, you can directly sell your products by starting a merchant corner on Facebook. Instagram is a little different. You need to integrate with the Shopify site to make your page or product image shoppable. Social media buy buttons have instigated an impulse purchase culture. Apart from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, Twitter has also recently entered the shopping culture by providing extensive buy buttons.     

Facebook Merchant page

  • Pre-Order Sale Page

Building a pre-order sales page is really helpful to enhance your sales, and pre-sale buy buttons function as social proof to analyze and track product demand. This helps to manage inventory production and functions in a similar way as the normal buy button.  

  • Email Campaign

Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%.

The CTA button in Email campaigns is one of the best ways to bring convertible customers towards your store. Personalized Email campaigns with action-oriented texts (discount or flash sale details) and large & visible buy buttons grab customer attention. 

  • 404 Error Page

404 error pages always pose a hindrance to services. Bu,t you can repurpose them to useful pages by providing a CTA button on the 404 pages. Go Back Home, or URL Redirect buttons can help you from bouncing customers.   

Tips to Optimize Buy Button to Boost ROI

Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs

Designing a compelling buy button is a crucial task. There are a lot of things you need to consider while designing a buy button. A well-structured CTA button drives attention, generates interest, builds connection, and provides a surprise. Let's discuss some essential traits you need to keep in mind to create a selling button:

1. Focus on Text

Do 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy’ buttons work for all kinds of products or services? These check-out buttons are useful for best-selling products. But, what if you want to launch a new service or unfamiliar product? You need to ponder for more compelling text to place on your button. 

Your Call-To-Action button should resonate with what action customers are going to take by clicking it. It can be something like Book a Demo, Shop Now, View our Page, Explore or Discover. Understand the expected action to create a meaningful button. 

2. Fix the Color & Font

CTA button colors

Designers make a mistake by blending the check-out button color with that of the website layout. Your CTA button should be more visible and legible. For example, if your website has a blue shade, never use shades of blue! Got the trick, right? Use a different color to stand out. Orange is considered an eye-grabbing color. So, going for such attractive colors will help you drag the attention of customers and bring in conversions. Moreover, Choosing the right font is also necessary to optimize the CTA button. Sans-Serif font is ideal for CTA buttons. It helps to make make the text more legible.

3. Enhance Button Size    

Do you want your customers to scroll here and there to find a CTA button? Customers always look for better options where things are organized and easy to find. Sites that make customers go for multiple clicks have less chance to convert. It decreases reliability and trust. So bigger and legible buttons positioned on the bottom or top of the pages are easy to find.  

4. Place Some Extra Elements

For grabbing customer attention and making customer journey trouble-free, you must discover extra elements that can increase buy button visibility. You can use a magnifying glass symbol, cart symbol, or other branding elements to make it appear appealing. These extra elements help to highlight the purpose of CTA buttons. 

Moreover, choosing a power word is also important to enhance your CTA button. The word 'free' has the power to grab customers' attention quickly. So, while optimizing CTA buttons try to find words and elements that spice up your action button design. 

image of a like button

Design A Compelling CTA Button for Marketing Success 

CTA buttons play an important role in determining digital marketing success. It instructs customers what to do next and motivates customers to pass through the sales funnel by taking immediate action. If a customer finds your platform interesting and engaging, they look for CTA buttons to take the next step. In a nutshell, CTA helps to ease the customer journey, increasing conversion rate, loyalty, and reliability.   

A Call to Action is more or less the finishing point. It gives open feedback about how customers find your services. If you are not getting enough conversion, either you are missing quality content, or else you lack a visible and legible CTA button. Whatever be the reason, eComIntegrate is always there with you to guide, assist and help you build effective digital marketing strategies.  



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