E-commerce Advertising Channels: The Complete Guide for Entrepreneurs

Growing a business is all about taking your business to the right audience at the right time. No matter if you are a beginner in eCommerce or a reputed brand, acquiring new customer base is necessary to take your business to the horizon of success.

Well! To build your brand, advertising strategies should be integrated with your digital marketing plan. Engaging with customers on the virtual platforms is necessary to inform and introduce your brand to customers. By just clinging to traditional SEO tactics you can’t do wonder. Finding new advertising platforms and supplementing your SEO tactics are necessary to bring the desired results.

Leveraging Success Through eCommerce Advertising

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Paid ads are also an integral part of eCommerce advertising. A platform-based ad appearance is necessary to hook the target customers towards you. Customizing advertising agenda according to the standards of an advertising channel is vital to leverage unlimited traffic and conversion.

Here are some eCommerce advertising channels you can thrive upon to boost visibility and engagement rate:

Google-Based Advertising Platforms

Google has become a powerhouse for businesses. Whatever happens, for quick and instant information people prefer Google more than anything else. The credible and responsible google search engine has outlived the test of time by boosting its reliability. Finding a space on Google is the primary step every eCommerce business should consider to stay ahead in the market race.

How can you stamp your footprint on Google? Who can help you lay a milestone towards success?

Google is a vast platform that offers multitudes of opportunities to eCommerce businesses to build their brand. The assistance of a seasoned professional is necessary to dive deep into Google advertising platforms.

Let’s see some of the trends in Google advertising that help customers to get personalized results:

1. Google Shopping Ads

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Generating the first-hand impression is vital to entice customers to visit your store. You might have seen google displaying image-based text results for your searches.

If you search for curtains, google displays top-selling curtain images from different vendors with necessary text descriptions to help customers find what they are looking for.

Google Shopping Ads contain strong visual representations that provide instant image-based results directly on the google result page. Hence, optimizing your ads on the Google shopping platform will help you boost relevancy and visibility through Google.

2. Google Text Ads

Though text ads are plain text illustration without image contents, it guarantees maximum reach to improve your brand value and appearance. Text ads on google are what you see as paid ads.

Creating compelling text ads not only promotes your relevance on the search engine result page (SERP), it also helps to set your ad campaign specifically for a target audience. Also, well-written text ads improve the click-through rate.

3. G-mail Ads

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Customizing personalized email ads improves engagement and relationships with your customers. Creating personalized ads that go with the taste and requirements of your customers is crucial to increase sales.

Advertising is an integral part of every business. It needs a lot of time to customize your ads for each of your customers. Understanding your customers’ previous shopping history, cart engagement, and search history will help you create personalized ads according to the requirements of customers. And Gmail ads are a better way to personally notify your customers about new arrivals, customized discounts, and offers.

4. Dynamic Search Ads

Google crawls and finds the best matches for queries not only based on the keywords you provide. The content on the headlines and landing page is also crucial in determining your relevance on the SERP.

Dynamic search ads make use of product feed rather than keywords. This helps you pose a wide appearance and make it easy for customers to land on pages similar to their search queries.

If your business possesses multiple landing pages and frequent feed updation, it might be time-consuming to update long-tail keywords each time your website undergoes a change. Hence, optimizing your product feed with user-centric content will help you save time and invite more relevant clicks from target customers.

Social Media Advertising for eCommerce

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Social media has become the pulse of today’s netizen generation. Enhancing the verbosity of communication has now become easy with social media. Personalizing your brand and garnering global attention can be made easy by optimizing your ads for social media through engaging and compelling ads.

Marketing on social media also helps to improve your performance and visibility on Google. Moreover, by reducing time-consuming steps and procedures, you can get into direct sales through social media. Now, let’s flip through some of the top-notch social media platforms where you must launch your brand identity to leverage more traffic and conversion:

1. Facebook Ads

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People are here on Facebook to connect socially and engage. Hence, it is necessary to make your ads appear more conversational, customer-centric, and relatable.

Let it be carousel ads, collection ads, video ads, image ads, or plain text ads, creating target-specific ads is possible on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook’s Instant Experience features a perfect destination for eCommerce vendors to showcase their business in a single canvas.

If you want to optimize location-specific ads, Facebook helps to customize your ads. You can target customers easily based on the demography and location.

Facebook’s ad targeting option is one of the crucial advantages of advertising on Facebook. Based on the nature of your product and services, you can easily customize your product for target customers. This will help to increase your relevancy and control the PPC rate.

2. Instagram Ads

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Exploring new audiences is now effortless with Instagram. Like Facebook ads, Instagram ads also help you customize your ads for posts, feeds, and unique brand stories.

Though you are not connected with users , Instagram’s explore page helps to trace people who have shown interest in your products by building meaningful connections that leverage your business.

Recently, Instagram’s CEO has updated its algorithm by showing high-end preference to the best post with good content and limiting copied or duplicated content. The new update will work for you if you have the assistance of the best digital marketing team who can generate meaningful paid ads.

Launching your business on Instagram can make your brand appear more personal and reliable. By engaging directly with customers through personalized messages and comments, you can make your business more transparent and free from fraudulence.

IGTV content is another peculiarity of Instagram advertisements. You can easily upload long content and podcasts or webinars through IGTV. If you have a user-friendly product to sell, you can post a tutorial video easily through the IGTV platform.

3. Youtube Ads

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The era of vlogging is in vogue now. This is the right time to switch your business to the Youtube platform. Creating engaging video content may seem harder, but the audience loves to see video representations than long written descriptions. Moreover, it helps to cross the barriers of words and language.

Generally, youtube ads are categorized as:

  • Skippable Ads: Can be skipped after 5 seconds
  • Non-skippable Ads: Must be watched before the original video plays
  • Bumper Ads: The short 5 or 6-minute ads that appear before or in between video content
  • Overlay Ads: Text ads displayed on the lower portion of the video

Integrating your marketing campaigns with useful youtube ads helps to convince your customers and build transparency. Also, youtube influencer marketing garners quick customer attention and traffic within a short time frame.

Online advertising is a boundless stream. It’s not so easy to explain all in one go. There are different formats, business-centric options, and categories Google & social media provide to enhance sales. Understanding each one of them may take time. But it is wise to try your hands in each one of them to enhance the visibility and reliability of your brand.

Get Ready to Kickstart Meaningful Advertising Campaigns

Are you confused seeing the plethora of platforms and unbound options? Don’t Worry! We are here to assist you to find the best advertising channels and strategies to help your brand grow.

To know more about eComIntegrate and our digital marketing strategies, drop a line below right now. We will help you dive digitally.


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