Build Your Backlinks: Top 6 Strategies You Must Know

A robust marketing strategy is a paramount part of any business, especially when it comes to eCommerce. 85% of SEOs and marketers believe that link building has a big impact on brand authority and brand building.  

What Are Meaningful Backlinks? 

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When a third party connects back to your website, you get a backlink. Most websites provide links to other websites to assist or explain something or to support the site to which they are connecting. For instance, by placing backlinks on relevant websites in your sector, you establish a reputation and drive qualified visitors to your website. Furthermore, each backlink indicates to Google that your material is reputable and helpful.

As a result, the amount and quality of your backlinks will influence your domain authority, which will influence your Google rating – more link authority equals a higher Google ranking. Because Google's top search result receives 50% of all traffic, you want to be as close to the top search result as possible to bring as much organic traffic as possible to your website.

Top Strategies to Build Backlinks for Your Site

1. Create Shareable Content

Your SEO results may vary depending on how you arrange your blog posts, what you include in them, and what material type you use to distribute them. Attracting links is one of the most common and vital aims of content. In the present SEO environment, quality content is required if you want great backlinks. Here are some of the crucial steps you must know to optimize your blog for quality backlinks. 

  • Original research, such as surveys, experiments, and studies, is set to win backlinks since they are excellent for supporting statements made in an article or blog post. Consider what type of information your clients and others in your industry might find useful when coming up with a concept for original research.
  • Infographics are visual representations of facts or processes that are easy to communicate. It builds authenticity and is visually appealing and expresses a lot of information in an easily consumable manner.
  • Publications and influencers like sharing free resources that their readers will find useful. So, consider building links that  might build any that solve the pain points of your target consumer. Templates, spreadsheets, calculators, and other tools may be included.
  • Relevant, educational & non-promotional videos may serve as excellent link magnets. Although not all businesses have the resources to produce high-quality films, they are becoming increasingly popular. This implies that if your films are relevant to the interests of their audience, certain websites may be ready to link to them.

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2. Fix Your Broken Links

Broken link building is the act of identifying broken or dead outbound links on another website, telling the website's owners/managers about them, and offering a similar article you've produced as a substitute for that broken link. Even if they decide not to connect with you, they will appreciate your assistance in discovering broken links that they may have overlooked.

Broken link construction is beneficial because it stresses value addition and reciprocity. You're not simply asking the other person to link to you; instead, you're providing them with value and even offering ways that might improve the user experience on their website.

Here are some of the tips that will help you identify as many broken links on other websites:

  • A resource page is often a static page on a website that curates many materials on certain themes and includes links to the original sources. All you have to do is open the website and begin checking the links one by one. You can make a note of any broken links you find. Alternatively, chrome extensions such as Check My Links or Link Miner can be used for this purpose. 
  • You may quickly assess a competitor's link profile using SEO tools to uncover broken links. Once you've done that, you may construct a comparable page and then contact all of the websites that are linked to the broken page to alert them of the broken connection and ask them to link to you instead.

3. Email Outreach 

Research publications and specific people who might be interested in your material should always be in the first stage of your outreach approach. You should not begin by writing an email and mailing it to everyone in your sector who has a website. Here are some tactics that will help you optimize your email program. 

  • If you don't know the person you're pitching to, giving a preview may be an effective method to communicate your material. With this form of email, you're first asking the recipient if they want to see the content you'd like them to connect to. The key to receiving a response is to customize your email and intrigue the reader with enough data to persuade them to contact you again.
  • If you've created fresh research or data with startling or exciting findings, consider presenting your content as an exclusive before publishing it on your own site. An exclusive offer to a top-ranking journal in your field might generate a significant amount of traffic from a single link, therefore it may be worth changing or evaluating your own publishing schedule.

Email Outreach


4. Invite Guest Post

Guest posting is a well-known backlinking tactic. In fact, guest posts are used by 75% of SEO specialists to develop backlinks. The process of writing blogs for other websites to publish (also known as guest posting) is known as guest blogging. It's a technique for obtaining backlinks from blogs to your own website in return for writing an article. The thing with guest blogs is that they not only help you develop backlinks but also help you construct your persona as a trusted authority on a specific topic. Links might be mentioned at various places throughout the content. You may include a link in the article's body that is connected to a related term or phrase.

5. Build Brand Mentions

Not only are brand mentions the foundation of your online reputation, but they may also be a source of free backlinks on reliable websites. Simply discover an unlinked mention and contact the website owner to request that a link be added to it.

The fact that they have previously mentioned your brand implies that they value your product, service, or opinion and wish to share that value with their audience. This puts you in a good position to request the icing on the cake.

To find websites and webmasters who have mentioned you but didn't add a link to it - Scan the website using a tool to find unlinked references for your brand (SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs). 

6. Harness the Power of Influencers

The market has grown so successful that influencers are starting their own websites and resource pages, even if they aren't selling anything. Simply approach relevant influencers in your industry and offer them free items or a commission in exchange for a backlink on their website or social media accounts.

Influencer marketing for buildig backlinks

What's the best part? 

Because an influencer has invested time creating a blog, cultivating a community, and generating interesting content, their sites have SEO power—power that you can exploit for yourself. Along with their own websites, influencers are likely to have other online identities that might be just as useful as a backlink from their blog.

It's Time to Revamp Your Marketing Tactics

Google search engine traffic is the most effective way to get visitors to your website. There is no better way than increasing your organic search value. Yes, it takes a lot of effort and time to bring quality backlinks from reputable websites. However, digital marketing experts can help you streamline your marketing strategies to drive quality backlinks. 

Want to know more? Drop a line below! Our digital marketing experts at eComIntegate will provide you with expert assistance. Get in touch with us today and start framing trending strategies to reap the best this new year. 



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