8 Reasons Why You Need Engaging Product Descriptions to Hook Buyers 

How you describe the product determines the future of your eCommerce website. Of course, glossy lifestyle images and SEO make your brand relevant among the competitive shopping sites, but the way you describe your product story is equally important.

Often people misunderstand product description as a blunt explanation of features. In effect, a product description should be a real interaction with your customers. It should narrate a story that can convince the customers to buy the product right at the moment.

Precise product content attracts customers

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If used in the right sense, words can create momentum. To generate an engaging content or product description, you should play with the words. Content is all about appropriate words in the right place. Precise product description helps to boost your site’s traffic and visibility.

Now, let’s take a round-up on the practicalities of using the concise product description to improve the traffic and sales.

Why do you need to focus on product description?

Surveys show that more than 85% of shoppers take a look at the product description before they buy a product. A product should pose a solution. If you are selling a pair of shoes, the images may be the same in most of the sites, with only slight changes in the color and model.

Product content is inevitable to drive sales

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Now just think! Can you identify the texture of the raw materials just by looking at the images? The answer is ‘No’. Though product shots speak a thousand words, written descriptions are proven assurance that guarantees customer satisfaction and credibility. Customers look for extra features. Though images may look the same, the way you explain it can be made unique by aptly pitching plain spoken features as life hack measures.

Now, Let’s see some key benefits of using appropriate product descriptions.

1. Enhances Customer Satisfaction and Trust

Professionalism is all about enhancing customer relationships by providing access to easy shopping. Your customers can’t see and feel the product. Images can cater to visual narration, but they cannot solve primary doubts about available sizes, usability, raw materials, and brand name.

Product description enhances customer satisfaction

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You might pose an unfinished appearance without an interactive product description. You should be able to think like a customer before you write the product content. This can ensure a legitimate bond with your customers.

2. Helps to retain the uniqueness

Do you want to remain unique? Then your words can do wonders for you. The product description needs a meticulous framework. It is not about assembling words, but it is all about understanding the psyche of the customers and selecting positive words that could create an impact.

To generate a unique and competitive product description, you should find out what others have missed out. It is not just about the language you use, it’s also about how efficiently you can use the language to explain the usability of the product.

3. Optimizes Search Engine

Optimize the search engine using the product description

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The product description is the space where you can use the intended keywords to pitch your brand on the search engine result page (SERP), which will ultimately boost exposure. Original and unique contents stand out from other replicated contents.

4. Ensures Profitable Conversion

At the end of the day, you want conversion, you want the customers to hear you out, and you want to convince them how the product can be useful in the long run to create a lifestyle. This you can do by providing convincing descriptions.

E-commerce sites lack physical interaction with customers. It can be compensated through motivating and lively product descriptions. To sell your features, you should convince them how it will bring a positive lifestyle. If you fail to highlight the benefits, your customers won’t stay long.

Increase the conversion rate through product content

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5. Stimulates the brand name

Focusing on the product description helps to level up the brand name. You need to focus on some rudimentary aspects to build a unique brand name. They are

  • Values
  • Culture and context
  • User benefits
  • Consistency
  • Customer satisfaction

Telling the story is important to cross the barriers in e-commerce. Define values, product benefits, and context through alluring product descriptions. A blend of technical aspects and cultural context in product description helps to spread brand awareness.

Build your brand name using transparent product content

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6. Reduces Bounce Rate

Customers may visit your site accidentally, maybe through an internal link or probable keywords, but they will leave the site intentionally if you fail to convince them with motivating descriptions.

Interactive descriptions help to retain the uniqueness and reduce the bounce rate by keeping your customers engaged for long with brand new content.

7. Attracts netizens & new visitors

If you provide apt keywords and unique product descriptions, you will gain returning visitors. Content duplication may help you to get SEO relevance, but it will increase the bounce rate as customers are tired of duplicated content.

If you provide a unique description, your customers will get a memorable experience, and they will remember your brand name when they make the next purchase.

8. Keep off returns and exchanges

The product images may show slight changes from the original product, but being transparent with the product content can save you from returns and exchanges.

Enhance credibility through factual contents

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Customers know that images are subject to multiple edits and beautification, but if you show a discrepancy in the product description it may affect the reliability of your brand. So, a meticulous strategy must be framed while designing product content.

Steps to frame an ideal Product Content

You need strategic assembling to design a goal-oriented product content. Your ultimate goal is conversion, and for that, you need to be honest about your product content. Here are some top-notch hacks to frame alluring product content:

Write for the targeted audience

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  • Maintain a consistent tone
  • Write for the targeted audience
  • Focus on providing benefits rather than features
  • Use keywords and powerful marketing language
  • Use bullet points to increase clarity
  • Provide honest and transparent content

Key Takeaway

When you sell a product, convince your customers that you are selling a lifestyle. Images may amaze your customers, but a well written and honest product description will enhance credibility and reliability. A combination of technical skills and marketing techniques are necessary to upgrade your eCommerce website.

Google certified digital marketing agencies are a great assistance to the beginners in the eCommerce platform. If you are not well versed in marketing technique and content generation, take the assistance of a reputed agency instead of generating duplicated product content.

At eComIntegrate, you will find the best website marketing plans that will help you to optimize the product page with unique content and alluring images.


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