8 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Leverage Your ROI

Optimizing your website and landing pages to filter your customers through the sales funnel is a challenging task. Many visitors might be engaging with your website daily, but only one-third of them dive their toes to grab your services and take desirable actions. 

Building a successful marketing campaign that focuses on your goals, navigates your customers, and ranks top on the search engine is essential to get convertible traffic. Always keeping room for constant improvement and market research is necessary to maximize conversion rates.  

Converting visitors to customers is not a herculean task anymore. Advancement in the digital marketing arena has brought new strategies to optimize your ads, landing pages, and websites to hook target customers. A little time and effort will provide you with a ticket to success.  

Running a successful conversion rate optimization campaign can help you leap ahead in the market by grabbing unlimited traffic that converts. Before you frame a strategy it is imperative to know the goal of conversion. According to the nature of businesses, conversion goals can vary. So, establishing conversion metrics can help you frame better strategies that align with your business.

Tips to Boost Your Conversion Optimization Tactics 

Conversion rate optimization

An in-depth analysis of conversion metrics is necessary to improve your conversion campaign. Identifying the underperforming and high-performing parts of your website is vital to building a compelling conversion campaign. Now, let's flip through some stellar optimization tactics to leverage conversion through a successful campaign:

1. Improve Website Site Structure & Landing Page

Providing a seamless experience and shopping journey is integral to convert visitors to buyers. If your customer who arrives at your site sees things cluttered and difficult to process, they will leave. You need to be careful about selecting a design, colors, and widgets. A simple layout and easy accessibility to the CTA button will enhance your conversion rate. Let's see some of the website optimization hacks to improve your website structure:

  • Prepare Stellar Website Copy

Understand your target customers before writing website copy. Website content can break and make your business. Here are some important tips you must know to create a stellar content copy:

  • Be precise and avoid jargons 
  • Use compelling images along with text
  • Select professional font and text size 
  • Use active voice
  • Include bullet points, headlines, and subheadings instead of blocked paragraph
  • Turn features into benefits
  • Create urgency through words    
  • Revamp Your CTA Strategy

Image of a CTA button

The Call-To-Action button plays a key role in generating interest in customers. It redirects customers to take desirable actions. Let it be a website landing page or any 404 pages, insightful CTA buttons push your customers to take an action. Let's see some crucial things you need to consider while framing CTA:

  • Provide a bigger and legible CTA button
  • Place extra elements on the button to improve visibility
  • Choose your font and color wisely
  • Use catchy texts and power words 
  •  Embed Business Forms 

Revealing your email address increases the chances of flooding your mailbox with spam messages. But if you prefer a contact form, it will protect your business email address from being hacked without damaging your relationship with customers. Moreover, business forms track inquiries systematically. A form also filters information or queries that suit you, thus helping you get more meaningful leads and traffic.  

2. Design Impressive Pop-Ups  

    A powerful Call-To-Action pop-up can leverage your conversion rate by pushing customers to click on the CTA button. If you think that pop-up messages have disappeared from the digital zone, you are making a mistake. Statistics confirm that the exit-intent pop-ups strategy still assists in lead generation.  

    How and when your pop-up appears matters a lot. So, strategize your pop-ups to increase conversion. There are different kinds of pop-up messages you can use on your website. Depending upon your goal and website requirements, you can customize your pop-ups. Some of the common pop-ups include:

    Pop-up notification image

    • Lightbox

    They are mostly used to expand your email list. Lightbox pop-up is the small window that appears over your website page.   

    • Gamified 

    Spin wheel pop-ups are instilling and fun. Most customers love to engage with a pop-up that contains some game or fun.         

    • Scroll-In

    A full window scroll-in can be irksome for some customers. It can break their engagement with your site. Instead, a small scroll-in pop-up triggers customers to perform actions without hiding your website page.

    • Full Screen 

    Providing a full-screen pop-up can help you gain customers' full attention. Since it covers the entire website page, you should be careful while using a full-screen pop-up. Use it if you need to announce something big. Otherwise, it will lower the conversion rate. 

    • Button Click  

    Button clicks are really for customers who intend to take action. In this way, you can get genuine convertible customers than casual visitors.  

    Apart from these casual pop-ups, there are many other types of pop-ups you can use according to your business goals.    

    3. Provide Testimonials and Reviews

      92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase.

      Testimonials and reviews play a vital role in increasing the credibility of your site. So, always provide your customers with a review. Customers want to know about your services through people who engaged with you in the past. Testimonials and reviews maintain transparency, making customers more likely to engage with your website.   

      Writing a feedback

      4. Ease Sign-up Process

        If you ask customers for more details during the sign-up process, half of them will drain out. It is always wise to welcome your customers by entering their mail addresses rather than asking them for other personal credentials. So, reduce the number of fields in the sign-up form and promote social logins to amplify the conversion rate.    

        5. Increase Time-Bound Offers 

          Limited time offers always bring customers towards your business. Create a sense of urgency through limited-time offers. Combining the limited-time offers with scarcity marketing techniques reduce cart abandonment. Limited time pop-up message even helps customers clear the cart by pushing them to click the buy button. Holiday season sales, coupon sales, free delivery offers are some of the time-bound sales strategies you can use to instill urgency.       

          6. Find the best CRO Tools

            For creating stellar conversion rate optimization strategies, it is necessary to utilize marketing tools that: 

            • Identify possible gaps in your strategy
            • Increase performance by filling the gaps
            • Test the efficiency of new optimization tactics

            Web analytics CRO tools, Behavior analytics CRO tools, and Testing tools are the three broad categories under CRO tools. Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, FullStory, Google Optimize, and VWO Insights are the common conversion rate optimization tools.   

            7. Utilize Chat Bots

            image of website Chatbot

              Chatbots are highly useful to engage with your customers and provide solutions. Real-time engagement does play a significant role in accelerating the conversion rate. Customers don't want to wait a long time to get a reply or solutions for their queries. They prefer real-time assistance over mail replies or queued phone calls.      

              8. Practise Omni-channel Marketing

                 Conversion happens when you chase customers’ journeys. It is not just enough to launch a website. For dragging customers towards your store, you need an omnichannel strategy. Utilizing social media platforms to follow your customers popularizes your brand through real-time engagement. Consumers are spread across various platforms. Framing an extensive omnichannel strategy to connect with customers will expand the customer base.      

                Advantages of Conversion Rate Optimization 

                Conversion rate optimization tactics are crucial to enhance your business performance. Some of the benefits of CRO strategies are:

                • Total ROI improvement
                • Leverage transparency and Trust
                • A better understanding of customers
                • Enhanced user experience
                • Improve brand value
                • Reduce customer acquisition cost
                • Help you beat competitor strategy
                • Better SEO ranking on Google 

                Fine Tune Your CRO Strategy Through Digital Marketing Tweaks 

                Conversion rate is a key metric that defines your business success. Turning your unlimited traffic to profitable sales can be made easy if you have the right assistance. Creating a website is not enough. Monitoring your website performance regularly and thorough inspection of market demands are also necessary to keep up the brand value. 

                Building a robust CRO strategy has become a necessity. Our expert digital marketing campaign strategists at eComIntegrate are all set to assist you to frame responsive strategies that suit your business nature and long-term goals. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to partner with us. 



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