12 Proven Strategies to Boost the Traffic and Conversion of your E-commerce Store

Are you experiencing an eCommerce traffic drop?

Even though you own a well-established e-commerce store with amazing prices, discounts, and quality products, proper customer engagement and workable strategies are necessary to improve the traffic

A good eCommerce site should generate a desire inside the customers. A desire to purchase, come back, scroll, and recommend. Attracting new customers and remarketing existing customers is crucial for every eCommerce store.

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Some of you may have invested a huge amount of money for developing your virtual store, and now when you think about investing more money on advertisements and promotions, you might be feeling sticker shock. Don’t worry. Here are some cost-effective methods and daily eCommerce hacks to drive tremendous traffic to your store.

Top-notch strategies to drive traffic

An increase in traffic ultimately boosts the conversion rate. A vast number of online stores have sprouted considering the trend and comfort of online shopping over the brick and mortar store. Building brand awareness and unique stature are necessary to drive traffic.

Focus on promotion and customer satisfaction to get recognized. Frame wise strategies that provide customers with an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience. Before you implement strategies consider these quintessential factors to validate your planning.

  • The goals you want to achieve
  • The market type and your competitors
  • The usability and market value of your product
  • The strength of your promotion team

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If you have the ultimate understanding of these factors, then it is very easy to frame strategies. Now let’s shift the focus to some path-breaking tactics to increase traffic and drive conversion.

1. Research and find your target audience

Optimizing your products and site for the target audience helps to successfully implement your marketing strategies. Finding your target audience is necessary to design your site with needful and creative product content and information.

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Learning about the nature of the audience is vital to promote and upgrade your online store. Target marketing helps to focus on product prioritization and optimization by inviting the right customers to your product.

2. Optimize the search engines to improve online traffic

SEO is a common term for online marketers. At the same time, it could make a high-end impact by increasing visibility and traffic if done meticulously. Ecommerce SEO ensures that your product or store appears among the top search results.

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Apt keywords and contents are essential tools that could upgrade your micro-market platforms by optimizing the search engine. Moreover, SEO is an imperative tool to promote the credibility and reliability of your store.

3. Generate attractive and informative product details

Engaging product description helps to hook buyers to your store. Attractive and informative product details guarantee the quality of the product by building trust and enhancing profitable conversion.

A compelling product description convinces customers to buy the product and generates a desire in the customers to come back to your store when they make the next purchase.

4. Upload creative lifestyle images and videos

Creative lifestyle images are the easiest hacks to boost online visibility and traffic. Your customers cannot see and feel the product, but meaningful product images and videos can tackle this issue.

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People want to see how your product can bring a positive turnover in the long run. Lifestyle images and product videos help the customers to understand the texture and quality of the product virtually.

5. Create contents with market keywords

Informative and readable contents count a lot. If your content is not created according to the standards of the target audience, then you may fail in the optimization process. There are certain marketing keywords that you need to focus on. Contents with the right keywords enhance search engine result page (SERP) ranking.

6. Attract customers with flash sales and giveaways

Discounts, giveaways, and contests are elements that could grab customer attention. People love to take a chance for free. If you ask them to join a contest for free by referring your brand name to three or four of their friends, they may do it out of curiosity to try their luck and win the contest.

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Timebound contests or flash sales motivate customers to immediately grab that product which you have been trying to sell for the last many days.

7. Leave space for customers to post an opinion

Give your customers an option to leave a review of the product they bought. This will help to amplify the trust and reliability of your store.

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People want to know how the product will benefit them and how suitable they are for your lifestyle. Only a happy and satisfied customer can share this information. Also, reviews help to avoid further complications and complaints from the customer side.

8. Use Social media for optimum views and shares

Social media marketing is a verified method to get optimum traffic and shares. Netizen society considers social media as a platform to engage, discuss, and develop business.

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Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube have unlimited followers and subscribers. Following the social media audience and their behaviour helps you to understand the general trends and nature of buyers.

9. Make use of paid advertising for instant results

Though there are numerous ways to increase engagement, paid ads could bring overnight and unlimited traffic to your store by generating competitive ads. Google shopping, Pay per click, Email marketing, and Google Adwords are established methods to drive traffic.

10. Find viral influencers to promote your brand name

Influencer marketing has become a proven approach to promote your products and boost traffic. Collaborating with influencers to promote your brand is a wise strategy to reach a vast number of online customers beyond your existing audience.

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Choose the influencer according to their prominence in the platform where you want to invest your time and money. Instagram influencer marketing strategies are currently being used to drive attention and traffic.

11. Focus on retargeting paid ads

Retargeting ads are effective ways to promote your brands. It redirects you to the target audience who have visited your brand previously. They will get notifications and ads about the updates and new collections you bring in your business.

12. Develop an app to promote the brand

Creating a mobile app opens a pathway to easily reach up to your potential customers. Apps with well-developed widgets, unique contents, and layout are preferred by customers and netizens to place their orders.

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If you have a micro-market platform, then upgrade your product to an advanced level by promoting through mobile apps. They are a great way to build trustworthy brands.

Key Takeaways

Well-defined goals, meticulously planned strategies, and tactics for implementation define the success of an eCommerce store. Developing a website is not enough but you should also conceptualize the changing trends and strategies to stay ahead in the race to grab conversion.

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