Negative Keyword Optimization: A Customized Marketing Tactic for Kimco

Kimco has become a reliable source for ESD safe, static control, testing, and monitoring supplies. From casual hand tools for hobbyists to high-end manufacturing supplies, Gokimco has carved a unique niche in North America over these 30 years.


Since 1978, Kimco distribution corp has been the ideal supplier of services and solutions to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries. It began the journey by supplying NE Ohio PCB assembly houses. Later, through cutting-edge technologies and strategic implementation, Kimco increased the success rate and expanded its service quality.

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A lot of challenges came along the way in Kimco’s business venture. Untargeted search appearance was one of the issues Kimco faced after the optimization process. Balancing the revenue and controlling the wasted ad spends were necessary for Kimco to overcome the setback.

A Glimpse on the Challenges

Kimco was successful in imbibing the technological shifts. But it failed in controlling the budget. A sudden rise in expenditure decreased the profit rate. Failure in generating a relevant advertisement campaign was the reason for the depleting conversion rate.

Kimco is one of the leading suppliers of Brady products. Creating an ad campaign was necessary to upgrade the market value of Brady. But the campaign failed to attract the target audience and wasted $3500 on ad spend.

Turnover chart of Gokimco before negative keyword optimization

Often it happens that in haste to incorporate marketing tactics, businesses invest a huge amount in ad campaigns that showcase your ads in unrelated searches. Kimco invested a large portion of the income in Google Adword Optimization. Though Google AdWords proved to be a quick traffic booster, unwanted search appearances and clicks dropped the progress rate.

Creating a custom solution was necessary to improve the turnover of the company. According to eComIntegrate, optimizing negative keywords was the ultimate solution to drive convertible traffic.

Key Solution Offered

Implementing negative keywords was the recommended solution. Negative keywords are a set of keywords on which you don't want your ads to be displayed. Identifying the unnecessary keywords from the campaign was necessary to optimize negative keywords.

Keyword optimization is not about filling the content with too many keywords but it includes finding the right keywords that can hook the target audience Kimco was recommended to choose keywords that will increase the reach of Brady products by hitting the target audience.

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Verified Result

With the execution of the digital marketing kick starter plan suggested by eComIntegrate, Kimco got a verified and impactful solution to improve conversion rate and eliminate extra expenses on ad spend. The negative keywords refined the search relevance and helped to ensure that the Brady products are reaching potential customers.

Turnover chart of Gokimco after negative keyword optimization

The solution helped Kimco to reduce the $3500 spent on ads, creating the Brady label campaign by balancing the expenditure and increasing the profit rate. Data shows that prior to the execution of negative keywords, Gokimco improved the search engine relevance of Brady products by reducing unwanted expenditure.

Key Takeaway

The timely solution by eComIntegrate helped Gokimco to improve the conversion rate prospect. Finding the reason for the increasing expenditure and draining profit margin at the right time helped Gokimco to boost efficiency and revenue. Through customized optimization, Kimco has been able to showcase a stable performance through improved marketing tactics.

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