How Shopify Migration Helped VideGuys Achieve a Surging Profit!

Live Streaming has become a new trend, hashtag pandemic! The house of worship, schools, colleges, athletes, filmmakers, and Corporate AV departments now need the assistance of robust live streaming technology to be in touch with the world.

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VideoGuys facilitates the most affordable hardware or software solutions for live streaming, film making, onset and field productions, storage solution, and distribution. Moreover, the core team of VideoGuys consists of vloggers, videographers, editors, and live streamers who know the pulse and need of the time; exactly like their users,.

They provide high-quality live streaming equipment from more than 60 certified brands to help the beginners and masters who need quality live content. Diverse product availability and timely tech support make VideoGuys the best suppliers of live production and streaming solutions.

Let it be single camera shoot or high-end multi-camera production, VideoGuys supply a budget-oriented solution to its customers.

Challenges were certain throughout the journey of VideoGuys. Online eCommerce markets were increasing day by day. There was a need to remain unique in the market through cutting edge technologies and proper optimization. Upgradation issue was one of the challenges VideoGuys faced during its initial stage.

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Key Challenge

VideoGuys set their journey by seeing the tremendous impact and benefits of running on an open-source Magneto 1 platform. It offered active plugins and was super efficient for search engine Optimization.

But in June 2020, when Adobe bought Magneto 1, customization and security became quite unfavorable for online retailers like VideoGuys that relied upon Magneto 1. Adobe's sudden shift towards Magneto 2 was not cheap either.

A poster describing key challenge faced by VideoGuys

When plugin functionality, compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry standards) & security failed to provide further up-gradation; traffic, conversion, and total orders seemed to decrease eventually. A responsive and reliable shift or eCommerce solution was necessary for VideoGuys to retain market value.

Suggested Solutions

Timely intervention and suggestions from eComIntegrate helped VideoGuys to restore their visibility. The transition of the Magneto 1 platform to the Shopify platform was the suggested solution.

A Poster on the solution offered by eComIntegrate to VideoGuys

According to eComIntegrate, a shift to the Shopify platform was necessary for VideoGuys to come back into the market. Customizable Shopify websites can actively help merchants to streamline their products in the national and international markets.

The Remarkable Outcome

With the assistance of eComIntegrate, VideoGuys switched their platform to Shopify. In effect, the shift brought striking results by showing a 142% increase in the sale, a 62% increase in average order value, and a 73% increase in orders.

A Poster on the solution offered by eComIntegrate to VideoGuys

The mobile-friendly view and fast & responsive customizable services from Shopify helped to grab the desired outcome and recover the abandoned shopping carts.

Shopify Platform: The Ultimate Digital Solution

The transition to Shopify helped VideoGuys to yield a better outcome in sales and orders. eComIntegrate helped VideoGuys to restore market value by helping them to switch to a customizable website that drives customers with the right market tools.

The verified result after shifting to the Shopify platform

The enhanced security features, payment gateways, and 24/7 customer support made it easy for VideoGuys to build quick and customizable websites that sell.

Get in touch with us today to get your store migrated to Shopify and to boost your business!


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