How Buy Online with Curbside Pick-up Option Helped Skin & Tonic of Raleigh Tackle The Pandemic Grip

20 years of legacy defines the success of Skin & Tonic. Over these years, they have emerged as the ultimate solution for beauty-related issues. From beauty services to product supplies, Skin and Tonic provides a complete beauty package to its customers.

The year 1998 was a milestone in the history of Skin & Tonic. Robin and Lori laid the foundation for their dreams, and in 2005 they gifted Raleigh a destination to fulfill their beauty needs.

Exceptional skincare and unrivaled customer service made Robin & Lori, Raleigh's unbeatable beauty professionals. Pragmatic beauty enhancement services like facials, proper waxing, brow transformations, and healthy product supplies gave Raleigh a one-stop solution for beauty needs.

A person picking up a beauty product

The journey was smooth and inspiring until the Covid-19 pandemic brought a screeching halt to its skyrocketing success. Managerial challenges and circumstances blocked customer flow and success.

Pandemic Imposed Managerial Challenges

Covid lockdown and social distancing brought a downturn in beauty-related industries. Skin and Tonic also became a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the gravity of the epidemic increased, people stopped coming out of their houses for in-store purchases and services.

Unprecedented lockdown and pandemic trauma also forced Skin & Tonic to shut their business temporarily till the pandemic subdued. But, when the condition worsened, finding a solution was necessary for the beauty professionals to retain market value and rejuvenate the peerless customer service. A local platform was imperative for customers in Raleigh to buy their favorite beauty products.

Recommended Solution

A solution was necessary for Skin & Tonic to revive its business. When the time demanded social distancing, the assistance of cutting edge technology was inevitable to keep-up the relationship with potential customers.

curbside pick-up option image from Skin & Tonic

eComIntegrate assisted Skin & Tonic in framing a customized solution for their problem. Migrating to the Shopify platform and setting up a curbside pick up option became a necessity to get in touch with the customers. As in-store purchases decreased, placing the order online and delivering it at the pick-up points was a pushing strategy to retain and revitalize the customer base and business.

Verified Result

According to eComIntegrate, a customizable website was necessary for Skin & Tonic to retarget customers and increase sales. Migrating to the Shopify platform and setting up curbside pick-up service attracted local customers in Raleigh. Shopify has many inbuilt tools and sales features. Moreover, it helped to provide excellent customer support.

Placing the order online and curbside pick-up option helped Skin & Tonic to provide a personalized experience. Also, it helped to enhance customer satisfaction and saved customers from the fleecing shipping charges and low-quality products.

Image poster for the curbside pick-up option

Resultantly, the verified solution from eComIntegrate bestowed Skin & Tonic a better platform and a new marketing strategy to overcome the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and to interact with customers.

Revitalizing Business Through Curbside Pick-up Option

Customized curbside pick-up option helped Skin & Tonic to satisfy customers and boost revenue during the pandemic. When businesses were shutting down, Skin and Tonic looked for an alternate solution to make the time favorable.

Image of a satisfied client Testimonial

Timely assistance from eComIntegrate helped them to understand the requirements of customers and frame strategic solutions. The curbside pick-up option proved to be a result-oriented marketing strategy that attracted local customers.


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