From Click Fraud to Cleaner Traffic: Kimco’s Success Story

Kimco Corp is an established supplier of products, solutions, and services to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries. More than 40 years of experience has made Kimco a reliable supplier of quality products all over North America.

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Kimco began its journey in 1978 by supplying NE Ohio PCB assembly houses with production supplies. Now, it is one of the top-sought industrial suppliers of ESD Safe equipment and soldering products for industries and hobbyists.

Kimco has an extensive collection of products from 80+ established brands. With years of experience and legacy, it provides peerless customized ESD-safe services and storage solutions to customers.

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Managerial challenges came all along, affecting the profit and productive digital up-gradation. Technological advancement was necessary for Kimco to reach up to the potential customers. But with digital transformation, challenges came up throughout the way.

Key Challenges

Maintaining ad campaigns was necessary to revive the market value. The pay-per-click advertising model proved to be a traffic booster, but the spike in click rate never brought the required profit. It was identified that the amount of money spent on ads was bigger than the return on investment (ROI).

Fraudulent clicks were the reason for draining revenue. Petty multiple clicks by competitors, webmasters, and fake IP holders lowered the conversion rate. Unfortunately, customers also clicked on paid ads without an intention for shopping. Fake clicks produced abandoned carts.

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Click Fraud increased waste on ad spend. According to the data, about 2,758 fake clicks were identified that created tons of impressions without any conversion result. Moreover, the statistics stated that 30% of the clicks mostly came from bots and the same IP address. A solution was needed to tackle the issue of fraudulent ads.

Solution Offered

To stop fraudulent clicks from competitors and bots, a high-end solution was needed. A robust software was necessary to stop fraudulent clicks. eComIntegrate suggested ClickCease installation as the ultimate solution to get rid of made up impressions.

ClickCease was identified as an ideal software to monitor, prevent, and protect businesses from fraudulent clicks. It is an adaptable software that works on customized websites and other platforms.

A Case study report on click fraud by eComIntegrate

End Result

ClickCease proved to be the ultimate solution to eliminate unconvertible fake impressions. It monitored every click on the site and categorized innocent clicks and fraudulent clicks to protect Kimco from click fraud.

Timely identification and expert solution from eComIntegrate helped Kimco to block:

  • Jealous competitors
  • Haters
  • Bots
  • Accidental Clicks
  • Click farms

Within the first three months of implementation, ClickCease stopped 2, 758 fake clicks by saving $ 4, 137 wasted on ad spend. Also, a 4% cleaner and relevant traffic was identified after installing the software.

ClickCease software performance result analyzed by eComIntegrate

Final Note

With the assistance of eComIntegrate, Kimco identified the rising fraudulent click issue, which was the reason behind draining revenue. The expert solution and timely implementation helped the client to raise the industrial standard and real-time marketing possibilities by eliminating click fraud risks.

Kimco’s dashboard result after installing ClickCease software

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