Bouncing Traffic & Wastage On Ad Spend: How Podium Direct Tackled Managerial Challenges

Podium Direct is one of the best online distributors of stellar multimedia equipment across the USA. With 35 years of experience in quality deliverance, Podium Direct supplies professional quality equipment to educational institutions, religious institutions, hospitality sectors, and businesses across the USA.

Podium Direct offers the best choice of sound and non-sound lecterns, podiums, chairs, tables, tithe boxes, and pulpits that are ideal for the classroom, conference hall, meeting purpose, and public events. The durable product supplies and user-friendly virtual shopping experience have made Podium Direct an ultimate online distributor of multimedia equipment.

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Providing enhanced customer satisfaction and durable product supply was the goal of Podium Direct. But challenges were identified throughout its journey to achieve success. The era of digital transformation gave Podium Direct enormous possibility to expand visibility and traffic. But there was a problematic unbalanced expenditure that hindered the growth rate.

Core Challenge

Wastage on ad spend was a serious challenge faced by Podium Direct. Lack of convertible traffic reduced profit and increased ad spend. Ad bots, ad stacking, pixel stuffing, and video fraud were the reasons for waste on ad spend. Moreover, the rise of content blockers/ad blockers increased the fear of money being wasted on blocked ads. Big dollar ads were blocked even before it reached the target audience.

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When the return on investment (ROI) became much lower than what was being spent on pay-per-click ads, Podium Direct experienced a block in revenue generation. It was imperative to know the performance of the paid ads on cross-platforms, and a productive solution was necessary to increase the conversion rate.

Recommended Solutions

When the return on ad spends lowered, eComIntegrate assisted Podium Direct to frame result-oriented solutions to improve convertible traffic. Search engine optimization, and creating a relevant shopping campaign were the suggested solutions. Also, cookie-based ad retargeting technology was recommended to hook bounced customers.

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According to eComIntegrate, the assistance of robust content and paid ad management software was necessary to improve conversion and tackle waste spend. Wordstream was a one-stop productive solution identified to boost convertible traffic.

Wordstream is a cross-platform software that provides integrated marketing tools and AI-driven analytics for business growth. It enables a gradable conversion toolkit that helps to optimize focus keywords and track PPC performance.

Verified Result

Podium Direct implemented converting strategies suggested by eComIntegrate to intensify conversion rate and decrease waste spend. Wordstream installation helped to handle advertising campaigns and optimize marketing tactics. Moreover, relevant search keyword optimization & retargeting ads helped to focus on target customers and attract bounced browsers.

Podium Direct’s verified result chart with conversion data

Resultantly, a 110.44% increase in conversion was attained after implementing the suggested solution. Also, a 71.15% decrease in cost and a 73.23% decrease in cost/conversion was obtained through verified solutions recommended by eComIntegrate.

Pushing Conversion through Paid Ad Optimization

The verified solution by eComIntegrate helped Podium Direct to overcome the issue of unbalanced expenditure and lowering conversion. Tackling the waste on ad spend was necessary to leap ahead in the market.

Through the rightful implementation of suggested solutions, Podium Direct was able to reduce the total cost and increase the conversion rate. A remarkable profit hike was identified through accurate optimization of the paid ad campaign.

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