Boosting site traffic with strategic blogging: A case study of Yinzershop & Gokimco

 Who Are Our Clients?

Yinzershop & Gokimco tied a professional knot with us seeking digital transformation. We have been providing stellar digital marketing strategies to enhance their digital presence. Helping them access the market was not an easy job for us. Hassles were there. It took time and research to understand their target audience and frame customized solutions. Learn a little bit about our clients to see how timely implementation of marketing strategies helped them build reputation and traffic. 


Yinzershop is our subsidiary company. It was started with a goal to highlight the inspiring culture, lingo, and life in Pittsburgh through Pittsburgh-themed products. The pride in local culture and history is what made us think about opening a subsidiary company that revives the legacy of Pittsburgh and keeps every Yinzer connected to its roots. Yinzershop sells high-quality souvenirs and accessories to true Yinzers as well as to people who love the Pittsburghese culture. Products vary between Yinzer-themed T-shirts, wall art prints, weekender bags, etc. Every product Yinzershop sells is connected to the history, art and culture of Yinzershop.     

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Yinzershop & Gokimco


Kimco Corp is an established supplier of products, solutions, and services to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries. More than 40 years of experience has made Kimco a reliable supplier of quality products all over North America. Kimco began its journey in 1978 by supplying NE Ohio PCB assembly houses with production supplies. Now, it is one of the top-sought industrial suppliers of ESD Safe equipment and soldering products for industries and hobbyists.

Kimco has an extensive collection of products from 80+ established brands. With years of experience and legacy, Kimco Offers

  • ESD-safe static control, testing & monitoring supplies
  • Soldering products for industry and hobbyists
  • Storage solutions
  • Hand tools

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Yinzershop & Gokimco needed Stronghold Marketing Efforts to Improve Brand Awareness

Yinzershop and Gokimco had excellent product varieties. But the craziest thing was that they lacked virtual footfall and organic traffic. Even after having stellar products, they struggled to attract customers and improve their reach. Being new-ish in the industry, they had to familiarize the brand with the target customers. Providing value and quality was their goal, but they didn't become entirely successful in taking the products to the market and stamping their value. Improving organic SEO and creating a brand personality was crucial for them to influence customers' purchase decisions, and provide them with a touchpoint to interact.

Case Study-Challenges

Though people bought their products, Yinzershop and Gokimco strived to position their brand to improve engagement consistently. Keeping a community of customers around them was difficult in the initial stages without strong support. Gokimco and Yinzershop needed compelling and customer-facing content on their website to appear trustworthy, boost credibility, expand their reach, brand awareness, organic traffic, and convert potential leads to customers. 


eComIntegrate Suggested Yinzershop & Gokimco Blog Content Strategy to Build brand & Revenue

Customers needed more reasons to interact with Yinzershop & Gokimco. They approached us, eComIntegrate, with a target to stamp out their brand presence and improve their traffic. They wanted to enrich their website with customer-facing content to communicate with them.   

Content Strategy for Yinzershop

Yinzershop is an eCommerce store that sells Pittsburg-themed products. The ultimate goal of Yinzershop was to revive the Yinzer culture, local tradition and retain the real yinzer feeling in every citizen by selling quality Yinzer products. So Yinzershop needed a blog content strategy that takes every customer through the memory lane. We focused on creating blog posts that had an emotional and nostalgic tone. 

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research suggests nostalgia inspires customers to spend more money. So our content-driven approach for Yinzershop was to curate compelling nostalgic blog posts that explained fun & facts about Yinzer's vibrant culture, destinations, art, music, and lifestyle.  

Want to see the blogs, click here    

Content Strategy for Gokimco

Gokimco is a supplier of products, solutions, and services to the manufacturing, testing, and repair industries. It is a total package for electronics and industry. Our blogging content strategy was more focused on providing Gokimco's target customer product awareness and brand awareness. Gokimco has in store high-quality ESD-safe electronic and cleaning products from 70+ brands. So we implemented a blogging content strategy that gave consumers full-fledged information about the products offered by Gokimco and the partner brands involved. 

The content strategy for consumer electronics needs a lot of research and technical details. So we invested our time learning about the various brands that supplied products to Gokimco and their product offerings. Through these blogs, we tried to educate consumer society and bring awareness about the products, which helped to influence customers' purchase decisions. 

Want to see the blogs? Read them here.


Organic Traffic Increased Helping Yinzershop & Gokimco Boost Credibility & Brand Personality

The volume of average organic traffic in November of 2020 for Yinzersop was 202, but after implementing blogging content strategy, October of 2021 yielded an average traffic volume of 604. Average organic traffic volume rose over 200%. The growth chart shows a consistent hike in traffic across the year period. Over time, constant blogging helped Yinzershop maintain Search Engine Results Page (SERP) relevance and gain traction within a few months.

Average blog traffic report Yinzershop

Within six months of implementing the blogging strategy, Yinzershop witnessed a sudden hike in visitors, showing 152% growth in monthly visitor volume. Consecutively, the next 6 months also showed a sudden leap, showing a leap in growth across the year at a little over 200% growth in visitor volume. 

This growth could be attributed to anything, but blogs were appearing in the top pages of the site. Of the top landing pages on the Yinzershop website, blogs were making up a majority of them, and leading to more click through rate on the site. 

  In the same way, Gokimco also experienced an increase in its traffic level after implementing a consumer-oriented blogging strategy. Within 4 months of implementing the blogging strategy, the volume of 826 average monthly traffic exploded to 1562. The blogs functioned well among consumers who were looking for advanced product information and brand information. The brand-level blogs and product-oriented blogs improved Gokimko’s relevance on the search engine. Also, it helped to include as many keywords as possible which consumers were likely to use.   

Average traffic from blog-Gokimco

Continuous growth has been evident since Yinzershop & Gokimco implemented respective blogging strategies by understanding their consumers' pain points. Moreover, it helped both the brands improve competitiveness and gain a competitive position in terms of traffic.     

The blogging strategy not only increased traffic but helped both the brands:

  • Become humanized by sharing information and values consistently
  • Achieve long-term results through consistent performance & engagement
  • Build inbound links to optimize search engine ranking
  • Bring conversion through leads
  • Enhanced networking possibility  

In a nutshell, the blog content strategy helped the two brands improve brand positioning and organic traffic to their sites. It helped them improve the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) relevance and consistent growth.    

Our Inside Insights-eComIntegate

eComIntegrate has helped our subsidiary company Yinzershop and our client Gokimco bridge the gap between customer and company through content-commerce integration. Our timely strategy helped them improve their online performance and drive consistent growth. 

Blogging strategy is a consistent growth hacker. This has been implemented and proved not only on our clients but also on our own website. We have been creating blog posts that are informative and customer-facing. We believe generating awareness is the initial step to drive customers. So, we have hired an excellent team with expertise in research and writing to consistently publish blogs for us. 

eComIntegrate-Digital Marketing & eCommerce Website Optimization

We have seen consistent growth and rising market value since we started our blogging content strategy. Our blogs are one of the touch-points customers use to connect and generate awareness about us. Our proven track record in blogging is what makes us confident to recommend blog content strategy to our clients.     





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